10 best apps compatible with Android Auto (2022)

Launched in 2015, Android Auto provides greater car connectivity by mirroring your smartphone in your car’s infotainment system. The apps you use in Android Auto are designed to offer fewer distractions while driving. At the same time, they carry out the essential functions and offer multiple informational and entertainment options while you’re on the road. In this article, we bring you the 10 best apps that are compatible with Android Auto in 2022.

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Google Maps

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Google Maps is the most popular Navigation app for mobile devices. Since it is a Google app, it works perfectly with Android Auto. A lot of people use Android Auto exclusively for navigation and there aren’t any better apps than Google Maps that can provide that service. The Google Maps app also offers voice navigation so you don’t even have to look at the screen while driving to your destination. You can access Google Maps by simply selecting Navigation on Android Auto.


How To See Your Stats On Spotify In 2022?

Spotify is one of the biggest music platforms in the world. With access to millions of artists, you will rarely ever come across an artist that is not available on Spotify. Spotify is also the perfect app to listen to music on the go. With simple controls and ease of access, Spotify’s design for Android Auto is intuitive and seamless. You can even Spotify with Google’s voice commands.

You can listen to music for free on Spotify for Android Auto but you will need to subscribe to the premium service in order to use more functions.

Facebook Messenger

Meta is introducing new shortcut commands to its Facebook Messenger app

Android Auto supports almost all of the major messaging apps, with Facebook Messenger being one of them. You can listen to the messages you get on Facebook Messenger using Android Auto and reply to them using the voice assistant. However, Android Auto doesn’t support VoIP yet, so you won’t be able to make or receive calls using Facebook Messenger.



If you like listening to podcasts on the go, Stitcher is the perfect app for you. You can choose from over 100,000 podcasts on Stitcher including NPR, This American Life, Radiolab, and more. You can simply resume playing the podcast you were listening to by connecting to Android Auto. The Stitcher app is free to use but requires a premium subscription if you want to use the advanced features.

Autovaras: The car assistant

Autovaras: The car assistant

Autovaras is one of the more helpful apps for Android Auto that actually covers the details about your car. Autovaras reminds you of the periodic vehicle inspection, road tax, insurance, and other services like fast tag and much more. The details of all the services and the expiration can easily be accessed on your car’s infotainment screen. Autovaras is free to use and comes with no in-app purchases.

Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio lets you listen to police scanners in your car, so you can look out for any accidents or other incidents while making your commute. You can stay up to date with any emergencies happening in your locality while also avoiding any accident-struck spots. While there are a lot of apps that report traffic congestion on your commute, Scanner Radio is more instantaneous and takes data directly from the police authorities. 


TuneIn Radio: News, Sports & Online Music Stations. 10 best android auto apps

Want to listen to old-school radio while driving around? TuneIn has got you covered. One of the most popular internet radio apps on Android, TuneIn is now available for Android Auto as well. Using the TuneIn app you can listen to over 100,000 AM and FM radio stations across different genres like music, news, sport, and talk radio. TuneIn also allows podcast support which you can easily switch using Android Auto. 


Audible. 10 best android auto apps

You cant read a book while driving, or can you? Audible is the largest and most popular library of audiobooks. With the Audible app, you can enjoy listening to an audiobook while on the go. While this app is extremely beneficial to the driver, passengers who suffer from motion sickness while reading will enjoy it just as much. Now you don’t need to stay away from your book while you’re on the road. Apart from audiobooks, Audible also offers an impressive collection of podcasts.


Waze. 10 best android auto apps

While most people stick to Google Maps for navigation, Waze offers some exclusive features that may make you reconsider your choice. Apart from offering a great navigation service that is on par with Google Maps, Waze also lets you know about any accidents that may have taken place on the road. Waze is a crowdsourced app, so its users report any accidents or other happening on the road. Apart from that, Waze also gives you additional information about your route like the gas stations on the way, police checks, and traffic status.


How to Block or Unblock Someone on WhatsApp? (2022). 10 best android auto apps

Closing out this list is the most popular instant messaging platform in the world. WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used messaging apps by people worldwide so it is no surprise it comes with Android Auto support. You can use the voice assistant to listen to any new messages and even respond to them using voice-to-text. Making and receiving calls is still not possible as Android Auto does not have support for VoIP yet.

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This is our list of the 10 best apps compatible with Android Auto in 2022. We’ve specially curated this list to include picks from navigation apps, music apps, radio apps, and more. If you think there’s any app worthy of being on this list, let us know in the comments below!

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