10 Signs of Fake Friends And Tips To Deal With Them

10 Signs of Fake Friends And Tips To Deal With Them

Understanding the signs of a fake friend: Never ignore these 10 red flags.

The importance of family members maintains a special place in the hearts of many people. So, do friends. In fact, a 2017 study found that friendships may be more important to older people’s happiness and health than connections with family. This finding was published in the journal Personal Connections. But to be healthy and happy, you need to be among real friends, not just those who pretend they care about you. Even though you might not know them, certain traits can be used to identify dishonest friends.

In this article, we will tell you how to identify fake friends and ways to deal with such people. But, before we go ahead and understand the qualities of a fake friend, we will dig out the exact quality of a fake buddy! As per experts, a fake friend is someone who only pretends or acts to be your close friend but in reality, they just don’t care about you or about your feelings. They could be dishonest, opportunistic, or only thinking about what they can get out of the relationship.

10 Ways To Identify A Fake Friend

Is your friend a fake buddy or a real one? Here are 10 red flags that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost:

Lack of Communication

A communication breakdown between you and your friend should be taken as a warning sign in your friendship. False friends will only get in touch with you if they need something from you. Additionally, they don’t return calls or texts when you need assistance.

Negativity In Their Presence

You will never find positivity when they are around you. These fake friends will only add toxic elements and attract negative energies. There is always drama, or criticism instead of positive vibes.

No Good Feeling

If you feel that your buddy’s presence is causing your tiredness, making your life boring, then you must tell yourself that this is not a real friendship. Spending time with a fake friend can often leave you feeling drained, rather than uplifted.

Fake Friends Will Fail To Reciprocate

Giving and receiving are a part of true friendships, whereas fake friends primarily value only receiving. They will never give you anything.


This is one of the most seen red flags of a fake friendship. False friends are self-centred and frequently prioritise their own wants. They hardly ever take into account your requirements or desires.

Lack of Effort

Some people avoid making an effort to keep the friendship going — This ca be a warning sign of a fake friendship. A fake buddy will regularly change or cancel commitments, or prioritise other people over you.

Feeling Competitive

Instead of being joyful and enjoying your success, they could be resentful or envious of your accomplishments and strive to outdo you. If you ever find your buddy feeling jealous and not happy about your achievements, take it as a sign of a fake friend.

Lack of Trust

Even when you tell them not to, fake pals could divulge your secrets to others. They might betray your trust or gossip behind your back.

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