13-Year-Old Faridabad Boy Prepares Chilli Potato Like a Pro, People Call Him ‘Master Chef’ | Watch

Faridabad: A 13-year-old boy has amazed social media users with his impressive cooking skills as a video of him preparing a Chinese dish has gone viral. In the video shared by a food vlogger Foody Vishal, the teenager is seen preparing ‘Chilli Potato’ at a street-side shop owned by his family. The video shows the kid fully engrossed in cooking as he first fries crispy potatoes and tosses them in a pan. He then prepares the gravy with onion, capsicum and seasoning, following which he adds French fries to the gravy and tosses on high flame.Also Read – Video of Man Chewing Gutkha in Kanpur Stadium Goes Viral, Triggers Hilarious Memes | Watch

”We met this amazing 13-year-old master chef who makes chilli potato, spring rolls, momos, etc. In the morning, he goes to school and in the evening he supports his family. Location – Nit 5 main market, Faridabad”, reads the caption.

Watch the video here:

When asked for the reason behind him selling chilli potatoes, Deepesh said that he is trying to help his parents by making some extra money from the stall. However, Deepesh continues with his studies too. He told India Today, that he regularly goes to school and only opens his stall in the evening and cooks till 8 or 9pm. The video has gone viral, and people were amazed at his cooking skills.

One user wrote, ”Self confidence is a super power. Once you start To believe in yourself. miracles start happening,” while another wrote, ”He can be a master chef with his talent.”

Many others, meanwhile, lauded him for helping out his family. A third wrote, ”Litreally I got gooseboombs when I watched this, this small child is helping his parents his parents alone and also studying, in this age children enjoy and go play outside and here he is helping his parents to earn money and also studying hats off to Dipesh god bless him.”

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