2020 Delhi riots were ‘pre-planned conspiracy’, says Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court has said that the 2020 riots in Delhi “did not happen all of a sudden” and were a “pre-planned conspiracy”. The court said that the conduct of the protesters in the video clearly shows that it was a pre-planned conspiracy to disturb the functioning of the government as well as disrupt the normal life of the city.

Denying bail to an accused in the Delhi riots, Justice Subramaniam Prasad observed, “The systematic vandalism of CCTV cameras also confirms a pre-planned conspiracy to disturb law and order in the city. This is also evident from the fact that hundreds of rioters mercilessly attacked the police team with sticks and bats.”

During the hearing on the bail plea of ​​accused Mohammad Ibrahim, who was seen carrying a sword during the protest, his lawyer argued that the accused had raised the sword only to protect himself and the family. Ratan Lal was also not killed by a sword. On this, the court said that the weapon seen in the hands of the accused can cause serious injury or death and it is prima facie a dangerous weapon. Therefore, it is decided to extend the imprisonment of the accused.

More than 750 cases were registered over the north-east Delhi violence, in which at least 53 people were killed and several others were injured. So far, over 250 chargesheets have been filed in the riots related cases in which 1,153 accused have been chargesheeted.

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