Emraan Gets Shady!

Bhagyashree goes down memory lane… Kriti has a question… Kapil tries his hand at music…

Photograph: Kind courtesy Emraan Hashmi/Instagram

Emraan Hashmi is ‘Feelin Shady’!


Photograph: Kind courtesy Bhagyashree/Instagram

Bhagyashree shares a throwback pic to the time she learnt Bharata Natyam in a week for a scene in a movie.

‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears…… but in this case.. I wasn’t prepared at all. A dance form that requires years of training & dedication.. how could I possibly learn it in a week.. even if it was just a 5min sequence…. and at my age.

‘I have to thank @tupai_shilpi for being patient and a wonderful teacher…. for me to even achieve what happened to be a graceful if not perfect performance.’


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shefali Shah/Instagram

Shefali Shah takes a mirror selfie.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Kriti Kharbanda/Instagram

‘There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who plank and the ones who reverse plank. Which one are you!? asks Kriti Kharbanda.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Juhi Parmar/Instagram

Juhi Parmar shares a pic with daughter Samaira and writes, ‘Sometimes I feel you are growing up too soon and on other days I’m amazed at what a wonderful young girl you are blossoming into… that’s the paradox of motherhood! Just keep holding my hands in your little hands.’


Photograph: Kind courtesy Kunal Kemmu/Instagram

‘Tourist or Traveller,’ Kunal Kemmu wonders what he is.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Kapil Sharma/Instagram

‘Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul needs,’ feels Kapil Sharma.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Pranitha Subhash/Instagram

‘Depothsavam yesterday. I had come here to pray when I had just found out I was pregnant .. can’t believe it’s been a year already,’ notes Pranitha Subhash.

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