What We’d Gift Our Favorite TV Characters From 2023

The holidays are here, and with them comes the yearly question of what to buy our loved ones. Whether we’re shopping for friends, partners, or parents, trying to find a gift to match the unique and complex people in our lives can be challenging. So why not fantasize about what to buy your favorite TV characters instead—whether as a welcome distraction from the stresses of real-life shopping, or as a kind of dry run?

From sweethearts like The Bear’s Sydney Adamu and Sex Education’s Eric Effiong to tougher nuts like Kendall Roy from Succession and Amy Lau from Beef, we’ve got presents for the small screen’s naughty and nice. Below, see what Vogue is giving 2023’s favorite—or, at least, most memorable—TV characters. 

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Kendall Roy, Succession: We’re Not Really Strangers

It was a tough year for the eldest boy! Between losing his father and his company, to say Kendall is down on his luck would be a severe understatement. But we also can’t forget that he basically abandoned his children on his ill-fated quest for the Waystar throne. This holiday season, we would give Kendall the card game We’re Not Really Strangers, an intimacy shortcut to help rebuild his shattered bond with his kids. 


we’re not really strangeres game card

The Bear  Pictured Ayo Edebiri as Sydney Adamu. CR Frank OckenfelsFX

Photo: FX Networks

Sydney Adamu, The Bear: Aimé Leon Dore Garden Clogs

After Carmy gifted her some new Thom Browne at the end of last season, we think Sydney needs a pair of kitchen-appropriate shoes that will match her new status as a chic restaurateur. Thankfully, these Aimé Leon Dore clogs have us saying “Yes, chef.” If Marcus was looking for yet another way to win over Sydney, he can’t go wrong with this hip, yet practical footwear.

Christine Baranski as Agnes on The Gilded Age

Photo: Courtesy Max

Agnes van Rhijn, The Gilded Age: Gohar World Seafood Pick Set

Why eat your oysters with a regular utensil when you could use an iridescent mother of pearl pick from Gohar World? We think our Old Money matriarch, Agnes, would be as charmed by this gift as a Lower East Side It-girl.

ABBOTT ELEMENTARY  ÒMural ArtsÓ  Jacob secures a visit from a mural arts program for his students but doesnÕt agree with...

Photo: ABC/Gilles Mingasson

Ava Coleman, Abbott Elementary: Dr. Dennis Gross DRx Spectralite™ Faceware Pro

If there’s one thing about Ava, she’s going to live lavishly—even on an elementary school principal’s salary. Always up-to-date on the trends, Ava would love a status beauty product, the more opulent the better. We’re sure she’s already nudged (or flat-out instructed) her boyfriend Iggy—a.k.a NBA All-Star Andre Iguodala—to snag her the skincare device du jour, this high-tech LED light face mask from Dr. Dennis Gross.

Violet Grey

DRx spectralite™ faceware pro

Lance Arroyo on The Other Two

Photo: Greg Endries

Lance Arroyo, The Other Two: Le Gramme 9g Ribbon diamond & 18kt gold ring

We all know that a sensitive himbo king like Lance wants to feel special, too. (He did hire a publicist, after all.) Now that his wedding with Brooke is back on—thank God—we think he deserves a man-gagement ring befitting People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Brooke should give him this funky checkered Le Gramme ring that perfectly matches Lance’s fashion sense…and his heart of gold.

Matches Fashion

le gramme 9g ribbon diamond 18kt gold ring

Haley Lu Richardson as Portia on The White Lotus

Photo: Courtesy of Max

Portia, The White Lotus: Diotima Crochet Flounce-Trim Dress

Portia loves a knit! Even at the height of an Italian summer, our girl was all but contractually obligated to wear something crocheted—be it a bucket hat, sweater vest, or bolero. While Portia caught a lot of flack for her outfits, we don’t think she needs to give up her signature look; we’d just suggest she level up a bit. What better way to move her in the right direction than with this gorgeous Diotima dress?

Bergdorf Goodman

diotima crochet flounce-trim dress

Lola Tung as Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Photo: ERIKA DOSS / Amazon Studios

Belly Conklin, The Summer I Turned Pretty: Charmco Vintage French Qu’Hier Que Demain 18k Gold Charm

While The Summer I Turned Pretty fans are split between Team Conrad and Team Jeremiah, nobody is Team Ugly Jewelry, and the infinity necklace Conrad gets for Belly is downright tragic. Jeremiah can one-up his brother by purchasing a + Qu’hier – Que Demain necklace, a much subtler love token. 

Charm Co

vintage french qu’ hier que demain 18k gold charm

THE GREAT Elle Fanning Once Upon A Time' . photo Christopher Raphael  ©Hulu  Courtesy Everett Collection

Photo: Hulu/Courtesy Everett Collection

Empress Catherine II, The Great: Dame Eva Vibrator

When it comes to everything from the future of the Russian Empire to her sex life, Catherine has a real go-getter attitude. We reckon the empress would be thrilled to discover the 21st century’s pleasure-centric technological advancements, so we’d love to gift her this hands-free vibrator from Dame. Whether she’s using it with Peter, a lover, or by herself, this vibrator will leave Catherine saying “Huzzah!” 

Diane Morgan as Philomena Cunk in Cunk On Earth

Photo: Andrea Gambadoro

Philomena Cunk, Cunk on Earth: Smythson World Atlas

A history buff like Philomena Cunk could surely use an atlas to fondly reminisce on her many international trips. Crack open any page of this leather-bound, gilt edged Smythson version and this world traveler would likely have a story to tell. (The veracity of that story, however, is another question.)


large world atlas in mara

Ali Wong as Amy in Beef now streaming on Netflix.

Photo: Andrew Cooper/Netflix

Amy Lau, Beef: Ring Camera

Having a stranger break into your bathroom—and pee all over it—is an extremely stress-inducing event, so we’d want to help Amy sleep a little easier at night with this Ring doorbell camera.

Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale in Poker Face

Photo: Peacock

Charlie Cale, Poker Face: Tiffany & Co. Makers Swiss Army Knife in Sterling Silver

Although Charlie’s bullshit meter is always going off, the gal can never seem to catch a break. After the first season ended with our heroine on an American odyssey of sorts, we’d want to give her something to help her out of her many predicaments. 

Tiffany & Co.

makers swiss army knife sterling silver

Sex Education Season 4. Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel TaylorNetflix © 2022 ...

Photo: Samuel Taylor/Netflix

Eric Effiong, Sex Education: Zankov Rudy Sweater

Fashion-forward Eric loves a loud, colorful print, and we think he would be absolutely obsessed with this Zankov sweater. Perfect for the British climate!

Image may contain Crowd Person People Dominic West Adult Audience Formal Wear Tie Accessories Head and Face

Photo: Keith Bernstein

Prince Charles, The Crown: Rebecca Gardner Garden Tools Salad Set 

What do you get a man who has everything? We’d be willing to bet that a gardening enthusiast like Prince Charles would be absolutely chuffed by this pitchfork and shovel salad serving set. Not that he’s exactly making his own salads…

James Marsden in Jury Duty

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Freevee

James Marsden, Jury Duty: Personal Constellation

Poor James Marsden had a rough turn on Jury Duty, between being picked as an alternate juror to losing out on a part to one of Hollywood’s many Chrises. For anyone hoping to cheer up the fictionalized, satirized version of America’s Sweetheart, a personal constellation would tell him that while he may not be the star in that one movie, he can a whole bunch of literal stars instead! (We recommend splurging on an extra bright constellation, for extra ego-stroking.)

Star Registration

constellation star gift pack

What Wed Gift Our Favorite TV Characters From 2023

Photo: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Daisy Jones, Daisy Jones & The Six: Free People Gift Card

Our boho queen Daisy Jones would be pleased to know that not only is her style alive and well in 2023, but there’s an entire store practically bred in a lab to match her exact aesthetic preferences. We’re normally anti-gift cards, but for Daisy, we’ll make an exception: Give that girl a dollar amount of your choosing and watch her go buck wild. 

Image may contain Human Person Wood Plywood Clothing Apparel Rachel Brosnahan Shelf Evening Dress Fashion and Gown

Rachel Brosnahan in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Midge Maisel, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Susan Alexandra Extra Dirty Martini Mezuzah

Midge’s Jewishness is just as central to her identity as her comedy, and what better way to combine the two than with a piece from Susan Alexandra’s Judaica collection? The combined kitsch and wit of designer Susan Korn’s pieces are perfect for Midge, who we know would really get a kick out of the dirty martini mezuzah. 

extra dirty martini Mezuzah

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