The Temple That Moved! – India News

IMAGE: A 150-year-old temple is getting a new address. Photograph: ANI

A village gets electricity after 75 years.

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The Temple That Moved! – India News

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India’s amazing Su-30 fighters.

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Chhattisgarh’s first lady Agniveer
Location: Durg

Her story is one of resilience and courage.

She is an auto driver’s daughter.

Her father, who is reportedly battling cancer, sold his auto to fund her studies.

And today, Hisha Baghel, a resident of Borigarka village in Chhattisgarh’s Durg district, has made him and the country proud by becoming the first lady Agniveer in her state.

She is undergoing training — which she will complete in March 2024 — for the Indian Navy.


‘It is one of the best aircraft in the world’
Location: Jodhpur

BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles.

Astra air-to-air missiles.

Just two reasons why India’s Su-30MKI combat aircraft have an edge over similar fighters operated by other air forces including China, says Group Captain Arpit Kala, commanding officer of the Su-30MKI fighter aircraft squadron.

“What makes the Indian Su-30MKI different from the flankers (Su-30 combat aircraft) operated across the world is that it is a beautiful integration of various weapons, sensors and avionics from all over the world,” says Group Captain Kala.

“It is one of the best aircraft in the world.”


A 75-year wait for electricity
Location: Anantnag

Seventy five years.

That’s how long residents of a tribal area in Anantnag district in south Kashmir waited for electricity.

Today, their village — comprising 60 homes and 200 people — is illuminated.

The residents of Tethan began dancing with joy when the first bulb was switched on in their village.



What Kashmiris want in winter
Location: Srinagar

It can be summed up in one word — Harisa.

A delicious, centuries-old, dish that includes meat, rice, spices and saffron and is much in demand in the Valley as winter settles in as it helps keep the body warm.

Made in a big earthen pot locally known as mat, it is high in both protein and calories.

It takes 17-18 hours to cook a perfect Harisa and shops selling the dish are doing roaring business in Kashmir these days.


Rare vulture rescued in Kanpur
Location: Kanpur

Did the injured bird turn to humans for help?

While we may never know the answer to that, this rare white vulture — which was captured at the Eidgah cemetery in Kanpur’s Colonelganj — was handed over to the forest department.


Why a 150-year-old temple is physically moving!
Location: Shahjahanpur

For the last three months, a 150-year-old Hanuman temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur district has been moving. Physically. It’s inching backwards.

Watch the video to find out why it’s happening.


Frost! In Munnar!
Location: Munnar

When India experiences extremely cold weather — like it is now — unusual things happen.

Like it did when the temperature dipped below freezing point in in Munnar, Kerala.

Take a look.


Who helped pregnant lady in remote Kashmir village?
Location: Baramulla

She was pregnant and lived in a remote village near the LoC.

She needed to get to hospital, but the heavy snow that had blanketed Kashmir made that seem impossible.

Until the Indian Army stepped in.

The soldiers conducted an emergency evacuation and shifted the lady to the primary healthcare centre at Boniyar despite difficult road conditions.



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The Temple That Moved! – India News

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