Surveillance Footage Shows Passengers Fleeing DC Metro Fatal Shooting Involving Off-Duty FBI Agent

Passengers were seen fleeing the train platform where an FBI special agent is accused of fatally shooting a man at a metro station in Washington, DC, on December 7, in surveillance footage released by police. The Metropolitan Police Department said on Wednesday that the off-duty agent opened fire inside the station, killing one person. Metro Transit Police posted footage of the incident and praised the quick-thinking of the rail operator, saying the “decision to bypass the station kept many customers safe.” The video shows multiple angles of the incident from inside the Metro Center station. Dozens of passengers are seen waiting for a train to come to the Red Line platform, before the crowd begins to flee the area. Another angle in the footage shows two men appearing to shove each other before going over a wall. Police said the drop was approximately eight feet. Credit: Metro Transit Police via Storyful

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