33-Year-Old Omicron Suspect From Dombivli Given Discharge After Test Results Show Negative

The 33-year-old Omicron-infected patient from Dombivli, who arrived to the twin city on November 22 from Cape Town, was given a discharge from the hospital on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. As per reports, he was given a discharge at 6pm after his test results were negative.

Information regarding the same was shared by Municipal Commissioner Dr. Vijay Suryavanshi who said that the patient has been instructed to remain under isolation for next seven days. Sharing more details, Hindustan Times quoted Dr Pratibha Panpatil, epidemic officer, KDMC, who said “It was his birthday on the day of his discharge. He can be with his family on this day.”

Furthermore, the test results other COVID-19 positive patients, who arrived from Nigeria, were still awaited.

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Initially, two Omicron-related cases were reported in Karnataka and this increased concern for the government, both at the state and central level. Post this, reported about an old man in Gujarat, who was also infected with COVID and suspected with Omicron, was shared earlier on December 8, 2021. 

Considering the same, necessary steps are being taken by the government to ensure the cases do not spread further. Patients are being quarantined immediately and samples are being sent for testing for further confirmation. Research is being conducted worldwide to understand the behaviour of the virus, however, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has marked this as a ‘variant of concern.’

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Meanwhile, this new strain has spread fear across the state, and the government, as of December 8, 2021, reported a total of 10 cases with Omicron in Maharashtra. Moreover,  65 samples have also been sent for genome sequencing and the health status of the patients is said to be stable. Information regarding the same was given by state health minister Rajesh Top, who added that the mortality rates are very low around the world, and hence citizens should not panic. The situation is not as tough as it seems. Concerned departments at the state government are working as per the instructions given by the central government and strict measures are being taken as precautions.

A press conference was conducted on Wednesday, whereby additional information about Omicron was shared by the minister, who informed that regular reviews are being conducted in the state to keep a tab of the situation. Test results of 65 samples, which have been sent for genome sequencing, are awaited.

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