3D printed homes hit the market in a history-making Texas neighborhood. Take a look

Exterior - B3

Exterior – B3

Screen grab from Realtor

Two unique properties in a one-of-a-kind neighborhood in Austin, Texas have landed on the market for less than $800,000 apiece.

Interior – B3 Screen grab from Realtor

While the price tags might seem a little hefty for the Austin area, (median sale price for a home in the popular Texas city is $547,975, Austin CultureMap reported) there’s a reason for it.

The future of homebuilding has changed,” the listing on East 17th Street Residences says. “This is your opportunity to own a part of history with the first of its kind 3D–printed homes for sale.”

That’s right — two stylish homes located in the country’s first neighborhood composed of 3D printed houses are up for grabs, with one 1,928-square-foot gem going for $795,000, with another more modest 1,572-square-foot beauty priced at $745,000.

The neighborhood is the brainchild of real estate developer 3Strands and ICON, a technology firm.

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“We want to change the way we build, own and how we live in community together,” Gary O’Dell, Co-founder and CEO of ICON said according to 3Strands. “This project represents a big step forward, pushing the boundaries of new technologies, such as 3D-printed homes.”

The neighborhood is located a few miles from downtown Austin, which makes it highly convenient for someone who works downtown or just enjoys the busy vibe.

Bathroom – B3 Screen grab from Realtor

The Treehouse residence, the larger of the two houses, features “minimalist architectural aesthetics,” with four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The second, known as the Skyview residence according to Austin CultureMap, has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Interior – B3 Screen grab from Realtor

“3Strands prioritized architectural and interior design to demonstrate that this new approach could be as beautiful as it is innovative, relying on the design team of Logan Architecture and Claire Zinnecker Design,” 3Strands said. “The interior finishes are a modernized West Texas design with a simplified palette featuring natural woods, similar metal finishes and earthy tile colors.”

Exterior – B3 Screen grab from Realtor

According to Realtor Magazine, 3D printed homes reduce waste and labor costs and construction tech companies “can 3D-print the frame and walls of a house in under 48 hours.”

Exterior – B1 Screen grab from Realtor

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