5 Best spots for off-season Haleem in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is among those cities in India which has a diverse food culture. When we talk about Hyderabadi food, many assume it’s only limited to Hyderabadi biryani or Irani chai. But did you know the most popular GI award-winning dish is also from our own city and to your surprise it’s not Biryani? It’s the Hyderabadi Haleem!

Origin and preparation process

We did a little research and found that, Haleem traveled to India through the personal bodyguards (Chaush) of Nizam, who were Arabs. It is majorly prepared during the holy month of Ramadan, as it holds a lot of nutrients and carbs and is easily digestible because of its smooth texture.

What exactly is Haleem?

This lip-smacking and mouth-watering unique textured dish is prepared by using mutton or chicken that is pounded, mixed with a load of dry fruits and spices and cooked on the Bhatti in a large vessel. Forget about diet when you think of having haleem, Credits? A lot of ghee and oil! Drooling already, aren’t you? Watch the making process here

But people, you don’t really have to wait till Ramzan to begin to gorge on lip-smacking Haleem as the city offers some best spots to satiate your off-season crazving too!

Wondering where to try haleem offseason? Fret not, because we have got your back. In this write-up, we have curated a list of 5 places that serve this delicacy throughout the year.

List of places that serve haleem

  1. Kholanis

2.Hyderabad House

3. Pariwar’s have more

4. Chicha’s Hyd

5. Khan Miya Hyd

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