Positive self-talk: Stop saying these toxic things to yourself!

Has the little voice inside your head been taking a toll on you? It is the voice that always has a strong opinion on what you think. That’s the one that narrates your life and defines how you should you have a positive outlook on life. However, even your inside voice turns against you when you keep telling yourself the toxic things that you should ignore and instead focus on positive self-talk.

To help you navigate your way to positivity, Health Shots asked Dr Vasant Mundra who is a consultant psychiatrist at PD Hinduja Hospital and MRC, Mahim, Mumbai.

Stop saying these toxic things to yourself

Dr Vasant Mundra shares 6 things you should never say to yourself:

1. “I always do stupid things”

Even the smartest of people make mistakes. Of course, every action has a repercussion, but that doesn’t mean that you let that anxiety master your ability to do things right. The key here is to learn from your mistakes and improve, rather than self-sabotaging yourself and saying things like this.

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2. “I always fail”

Failure is a part of life and it shouldn’t matter as long as you know how you get back up. Accepting failure is one of the most toxic ways of thinking. As cliche as it may sound, the key is to never give up and keep trying until you succeed.

3. “Nobody really cares for me”

While it is normal for you to feel sad or lonely sometimes, it should not give rise to thoughts like “Nobody really cares for me.” The way you perceive everything around makes all the difference. So the moment you start thinking that no one cares about you, you start driving people away. There may be many people in your life who care about you, all you need to do is reach out and talk to them.

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4. “I should not speak up”

Do you think people don’t like it when you speak up? Do you feel that you are being judged every time you speak up? First of all, people around you shouldn’t make you feel this way and if they do then you need a better group of people around you. Having said that, speaking up is the most important part of communicating your ideas to other individuals and staying true to yourself. So, never self-doubt and back off from expressing your opinion.

5. “Is it really worth living like this?”

Have you been feeling sad lately? While some moments of sadness pass, some last longer than you thought and this is something known as clinical depression. If you have been having thoughts like “Is this life worth living?” “It’s better if I am gone.” Seek help! No problem is too big to resolve. Talking to your loved ones or a certified professional can help.

toxic things
Stop saying these toxic things to yourself. Image Courtesy: Freepik

6. “I have no hope!”

Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, sad mood, self-harm, irritability, and no motivations are symptoms of clinical depression. Other physical symptoms of the condition include no sleep, lack of appetite, tiredness, fatigue, and reduced sexual desire. Recognizing these symptoms can help you take timely professional help. Otherwise, one gets lost struggling through these thoughts and feelings, demoralized and hurt, and not knowing what to do with it, explains the doctor.

Hence stop saying things that will put you down morally or mentally.

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