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8 Celebrities Who Became Surprise Social Media Stars in 2020

While 2020 has opened our eyes to way more profound injustices on the coronary heart of Western society, one of many less-expected liftings of the veil was endured by the world of movie star. As many all over the world struggled to make ends meet or to take care of sick relations throughout the pandemic, platitudes from celebrities in their Beverly Hills walk-in wardrobes noting that “we’re all in this together” had an inclination to go down like lead balloons.

“Is the age of celebrity over?” asked the BBC, whereas a headline in the New York Times declared that “celebrity culture is burning.” In the words of The Guardian, “the coronavirus crisis has exposed the ugly truth about celebrity culture and capitalism.” While affected person zero was undoubtedly the video led by Gal Gadot, that includes a coterie of actors and musicians singing John Lennon’s “Imagine”—“one pandemic at a time, please” learn a memorable response on Twitter—a backlash to once-beloved celebrities reminiscent of Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna, and Vanessa Hudgens noticed posts which may normally be perceived as humorously out-of-touch seem infuriatingly tone-deaf as an alternative.

So have celebrities actually, irrevocably misplaced their shine? Not so quick. If there was one vivid spot in the huge Satanic chasm of darkness that was 2020, it was the handful of well-known faces (a few of whom you may not have considered in some time) who, whereas attending to grips with the complexities of social media, offered the kindness and comedian reduction all of us wanted. Here’s to the unvarnished movie star eccentrics that achieved shock stardom this yr—and received us by means of lockdown.

Dionne Warwick

She could also be a late contender for the consideration, however after Dionne Warwick took over from her social media crew final month, her pithy musings on popular culture and brilliantly witty clapbacks have made her the newly-anointed queen of Twitter. Her delightfully chaotic streak of tweets started with a publish making folks conscious she may see them including her songs to their Spotify intercourse playlists, earlier than asking Chance the Rapper why he wanted to incorporate “rapper” in his stage identify and questioning the weird spelling of The Weeknd’s moniker. But all’s nicely that finish’s nicely, and Warwick has now joined forces with Chance and the Weeknd for a charity single to assist feed the hungry this festive season. A heartwarming Twitter story for the ages.

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