A First Of Its Kind Wedding Lounge By Ekaani

Ekaani is a leading kitchenware and corporate gifting brand that caters to millions of customers across the globe. Over the years, they have earned a reputation for offering an extensive range of kitchenware, dinnerware and gifting collection. Sharann Bathija, Founder of Ekaani, Mumbai, a luxury home décor gifting brand during his conversation with Mumbai Live said, “Each of our products holds a unique inspiration from global trends and is successful in bringing affordability in style. Our collection offers a wide spectrum of designs and patterns ranging from tradition to modernity.”

What began with one, is now multiple for them and when asked how the journey has been he elaborated, “The journey has been super challenging but worth the effort. We are now a well-recognised brand across the country and a one-stop store for gifting and premium tableware amongst the biggest corporates and industries.”

Walking into their stores, one can find some of the most exclusive products that include international branded premium tableware, teaware, Barware and home decor products and imported Divine Collections from across the globe.

Bathija elaborated, “The Juhu lounge, a first of its kind experimental wedding lounge, will predominantly have a mix of premium and luxury products from well-known brands across the world. Their brands include Rosenthal, Rosenthal meets Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Noritake, Goebel, Chinelli, Ekaani and Vittorio Sabadin.

Home to these luxurious brands, they take pride in being a leading luxury home décor gifting brand. On being asked how they have managed to create this niche, Bathija highlights, “India is transforming with a hybridisation of the culture. I believe that we have adopted the cultural hybridisation model in response to globalisation. This phenomenon translates to a generation of Indians that are educated in Western management theories and practices, but retain a strong set of traditional Indian values imbibed in them through their upbringing. Keeping in mind this trend, all Ekaani products are built with modern techniques and offer sturdy and flawless Indian god idols to ensure our audience gets what they want.” Their mantra for success has been ensuring a smooth client relationship and direct coordination with the end-user.

Further, into the conversation, he spoke about how to survive in this competitive business realm it is important to constantly innovate. Treading on this path, they have launched an experimental wedding lounge that can be booked on an appointment basis to curate wedding day gifts. On being asked what led him towards this spectrum, he remarked, “Indian weddings are one of the most extravagant affairs, to fill that gap of people specific requirements and taste, we realised the need for a wedding lounge with bespoke gifting ideas”

With this recently launched wedding lounge, he also elaborated on the usual expectations of the clientele, “Clients have a certain mindset of what they want and we try to curate that to the best we can. Their main expectation is to give the perfect gift.”

Through the one of its kind experimental wedding lounge, he hopes that clients can have an experience like never before. Bathija voiced, “Since then the customer is involved in personally designing the gifts it makes the experience more personal and enjoyable”.

Additionally, at a time when limitations are imposed on the guestlist by the authorities. Bathija elaborated that it has positively impacted his business. He says, “As many people can’t physically be present at the ceremonies, they send their blessings by giving a gift to the family”.

With the current scenario in mind, he believes the future of the luxury product industry in India has great scope. He remarked, “Over the years more people are getting inclined towards international branded products for their personal use and gifting. Thus, I believe people will prefer quality over quantity since they could use for a longer period.”

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