AAP accuses MCD of not cleaning drains

AAP chief spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj claimed that not even 5% of drains that come under the jurisdiction of BJP-ruled MCDs have been desilted so far.

Speaking at a press conference Friday, he said: “The first proof is that you can go and ask in any colony if residents have seen MCD officials removing silt from their drains. You may even conduct a survey. I can say with conviction that they’ve not even opened more than 5% of the drains in this season, removing silt from them is an altogether different thing. Despite this, the South MCD is claiming they have removed 35,705 MT of silt and the North MCD claims to have removed 9,883 MT of silt.”

Bharadwaj added that colonies will be waterlogged when it begins to rain heavily, and people will see for themselves that no work was done.

He said the South MCD would have had to pay crores to take out 35,705 MT of silt, and asked South MCD Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti why payment was made if no work was done. “I request Shri Gyanesh Bharti to come out on the roads and tell us in what colony or village do we need to come so that we can see from where this 35,000 MT of silt has been removed,” Bharadwaj said.

An SDMC spokesperson maintained that work has been completed in 272 drains under their jurisdiction.

EDMC Mayor Shyam Sundar Aggarwal said, “100% of work under us has been completed around 15 days ago. The truth is that barely 80% of the work under the PWD has been completed so far. One can compare our drains and their drains and see the truth for themselves.”

The Public Works Department is responsible for 1,260 km of roads in the city. The length of the drains in these roads are 2,054 km. Officials said over 95% of desilting work has been completed.


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