Adilabad ryots reaping gold by raising capsicum

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ADILABAD: At a time when farmers growing conventional crops are struggling to make both ends meet, those raising capsicum are reaping gold from their farmlands and sending the produce to various parts of the country, including Delhi, Mumbai, Nasik and  Hyderabad, helping them earn good profits.

Siblings B Srikanth Reddy and B Prashanth Reddy switched to capsicum cultivation after taking inspiration from the Chief Minister. They soon set up a polyhouse in nine acres and have been raising red and yellow varieties of capsicums for the past five years.

Before beginning the cultivation, they reportedly visited the CM’s farmhouse five times to study the benefits and methods of growing capsicum.

While the harvest season is right around the corner, the duo is hopeful that they would fetch good money this time too as the price of capsicum is soaring in markets. Though they usually cultivate cucumber during summer, the ryots are planning to grow capsicum throughout the year this time. 

According to the farmers, they get 30 to 40 tonnes of yield from each acre. District Horticulture and Sericulture Officer G Srinivas Reddy said that they have ensured the provision of all government subsidies to the two farmers.


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