Adorable Dog Takes its Horse Friend for a Walk, Viral Video Will Definitely Help You Beat Your Monday Blues | WATCH

Viral Video: Social media platforms are a huge repository of cute and funny animal videos, be it of pet dogs, cats, pandas, or any other animal. And, such fun-filled videos often go viral as well. Recently, one such video that is going viral is of a little dog taking its horse friend for a walk and we can assure you watching this adorable pair of animals will definitely help you rid of your Monday blues in split seconds. This video went viral after it was shared on a Twitter account named Viral Hog and it was captioned, “Don’t worry friend, I will guide you!”Also Read – Dulhan ko Nazar Na Lage: This Groom’s Reaction When the Bride Walked In Will Leave You Mesmerized | WATCH Viral Video

In the short 28-second video clip, a small black dog can be seen walking a black full-grown horse holding the rope around its neck and both can be seen enjoying their time walking along a field and the stable. The dog is holding the rope tightly and making the horse walk with him. Also Read – Couple Kicked off Flight for Not Wearing Masks Properly, Filmed Abusing Staff | WATCH Viral Video

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Such adorable tail-wagging cute videos offer more than just a quick jolt of joy as it is also good for one’s brain and their mood upliftment. According to some researchers, unexpected animal antics attract us at a different neurological level. University of Victoria neuroscientist Olav Krigolson once said, “You are not expecting to see something cute and cuddly and then you see it and it’s perceived by the brain as a reward.”

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