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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  The high summer temperature is back after a significant drop due to a rain spell that lasted a fortnight. The rainy condition has not completely changed, but an increase in temperature is already being felt during day and night. Weather experts say the hot and humid condition would persist for at least a week. 

“The marked drop in temperature recently was due to rainy or cloudy conditions resulting from the influence of cyclonic circulation. Now the weather has changed and the isolated rain is limited to evenings. As a result, the day temperature is set to rise. In places where there is prolonged dry spell, the temperature will remain high during night as well,” said Rajeevan Erikkulam, meteorologist at the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority.

The high ranges have more chances of rainfall compared to coastal regions in the coming days, he said. The humidity  also increases the temperature one feels. It is higher than what is recorded on a thermometer. It is due to a combination of UV radiation, humidity and the ambient factors. The humidity associated with rain also increases the temperature if it is scanty. Humidity level depends on the presence of water bodies in nearby regions and the moisture level in the wind. As a result, even a 36 degree Celsius feels like 40 degrees. 

Abhilash S, associate professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Cochin University of Science and Technology, said the temperature is set to rise after 2-3 days. “The effect of cyclonic circulation has ended. The cloudy and humid conditions retain much of the heat radiated. As a result, the temperature will be at least two degree higher than average,” he said.

Met dept forecasts light rain in state till tomorrow

IMD has forecast light to moderate rain across the state till April 19 and in a few pockets from then on. Rain or thundershower is likely at many places till April 21. It has also forecast thunderstorms with lightning at one or two places from April 19 to 21.

The situation is considered typical of pre-monsoon season and the dry spell, especially during daytime, is expected to increase the maximum temperature. Already the maximum temperature recorded in Palakkad is at least 2 degree Celsius higher than what recorded during the rainy period last week. Abhilash said the weather condition will change as there is a high probability of cyclones by the end of this month.

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