Airport weather bulletin not gospel, argues Telangana lawyer 

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Advocate E Umamaheshwar Rao appearing before the judicial commission for the State of Telangana submitted that, “any government document need not be a gospel truth,” while referring to the weather report submitted by the weather station at the RGIA, Shamshabad, which stated that the sun rose at 6.32 am on December 6, 2019 and misty weather at Chatanpally.

When the chairman Justice VS Sirpurkar referring to the weather report commented the question is about the visibility at the place at the time of the incident and the variations of the time stated in different statements of the police party, Rao submitted that as per the report, the visibility was 2,000 metre. However, it is a factor different from sunrise.

“What is your position, visibility or no visibility (at the time of the incident)?” Justice Sirpurkar questioned. Rao replied, “This has come up in the evidence of all witnesses and they were tested meticulously. One of the police party members Balu Rathod also, responding to a specific question, said it was visible.” 

Further the firing, Rao submitted that a total of 26 bullets were fired by the three policemen, one armed with an AK 47 and the other two with SLRs, of which 10 were fired in the air and the rest were fired in the direction of the sound of the firing from the accused. Ten bullet injuries found on the bodies of the accused.

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