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IMAGE: The 18th century Jaivan cannon is preserved at the Jaigarh fort in Jaipur. Photograph: ANI Photo


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75 year old pursues doctorate

Date: August 27
Location: Mumbai

She was 17 when she had to give up her studies after her mother passed away.

But 75-year-old Zubeida Yacoob Khandwani never forgot her dream of a doctorate in Sufism.

After her marriage — despite the increased responsibilities — she completed her master’s degree.

Her determination to learn, and her curiosity to know more about Sufism, was an inspiration to her grandchildren.

They encouraged her to study and make her dream a reality.


The Kamakura Snow Dome Village

Date: August 27
Location: Liyama, Japan

The winter is severe here and the snowfall heavy.

But Liyama in Japan’s Nagano prefecture has converted what could have been a drawback into a financial asset.

They have cleverly created a Kamakura restaurant (made of snow domes) that attracts visitors from across Japan.

The idea was born 22 years ago, when villagers converted the excess snow that had been shovelled onto an empty field into snow domes to keep the children entertained during winter. The domes now form a restaurant.

Except when lunch and dinner are served here, visitors can enter the domes for free.

Renting a dome for a meal — delicious, traditional local fare — costs about $30 for 90 minutes.


Have you seen the Jaivan?

Date: August 28
Location: Jaipur

It’s the largest wheel cannon ever constructed.

And this magnificent 18th-century weapon is now preserved at the Jaigarh fort in Jaipur.

The Jaivan can be rotated on a robust four-wheeled carriage.

The cannon weighs about 250 tonnes and is 31.3 feet long.

Over 100 kilograms of gunpowder is needed to fire the Jaivan.


Sports Minister Anurag Thakur skips

Date: August 29
Location: New Delhi

If you are heading the sports ministry, you are expected to be fit.

So, Union Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Anurag Thakur proved just that by jumping a skipping rope.

The event at which he was showing his skills was the launch of the ‘FIT INDIA’ mobile application in Delhi.


Why are lion-tailed macaques on the road?

Date: September 1
Location: Shivamogga, Karnataka

If you drive past Agume Ghat in Shivamogga’s Thirthahalli taluka, you will see an unusual sight — lion-tailed macaques.

The shrinking forest cover in this region, which has led to a reduction in the number of fruit-bearing trees, has forced this endangered species to scavenge on the roads for food.

The starving macaques sit on the safety walls bordering the roads, waiting for food from passers-by.

Sadly, what they mostly get is junk food, which is detrimental to their species.


Mysterious tunnel discovered in Delhi

Date: September 2
Location: Delhi

It’s the stuff of imagination — a secret tunnel that no one knew existed.

Until it was discovered at the Delhi legislature on September 2.

The tunnel connects the assembly to the Red Fort.

Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel said they suspect that it was used by the British to move freedom fighters to avoid protests from the Indian public.

“We have managed to identify its mouth (origin) but we won’t dig any further,” says Goel. “Soon, we will refurbish it and throw it open to the public.”

“We are hoping to complete renovating the tunnel by August 15 next year.”


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