Amid shocking reports of breakup with Malaika, Arjun’s recent emotional post on deep suffering goes VIRAL

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have reportedly broken up after dating for almost four years. After the shocking news that surfaced on Wednesday 12 January, Arjun’s recent Instagram post has gone viral which talks about people who have faced deep suffering in their lives. 

Four days ago, the ‘Bhoot Police’ actor had reposted a quote from meditator and writer Yung Pueblo on his own Instagram handle. The quote reads as “People who experienced deep suffering and are still gentle with others do not get enough credit. To not let the hard things that happened to you win is heroic work. To drop the bitterness and still live with an open heart despite it all is a massive gift to the world – Yung Pueblo.”

Arjun had captioned the post as “To anyone who’s been thru this… Good on you for being a survivor a fighter & to anyone who knows someone who’s been thru it embrace them for making an effort to pick the pieces of their lives yet be kind decent & open even after their backbone has been snapped & shattered…”

‘Yung Pueblo’, meaning Young People, is actually the pen name used by Diego Perez, a famous writer from Ecuador. The Instagram profile with the name ‘yung pueblo’ is quite popular on social media with more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

For the unversed, Arjun and Malaika have decided to part ways as per a report. A source was quoted telling the entertainment portal, “It’s been more than six days, Malaika Arora hasn’t stepped out from her house. She has totally gone into isolation. It is said that she is extremely sad and has decided to stay away from the world for a while. While Arjun Kapoor too hasn’t visited her even once in these days. In fact, Arjun was spotted just three days ago at sister Rhea Kapoor’s house for dinner. Rhea’s house is extremely close to Malaika’s house and despite that, he didn’t go and meet her after dinner. Malaika usually attends these family dinners with Arjun but this time she was not seen with him.”

It is still not confirmed if Arjun-Malaika breakup rumours are true or not. The actors haven’t given any official statement yet.


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