Anandaiah begins distribution of herbal concoction for Omicron ‘prevention’

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NELLORE: Popular for his herbal concoctions that he claims can treat Covid-19, Bonigi Anandaiah is back with another preventive Ayurveda remedy, this time for the Omicron variant.   

The Ayurveda practitioner has started distribution of the new herbal medicine from his native Krishnapatnam, located 26 kms away from the Nellore city. He claimed to have been distributing 700-800 packets of his concoctions a day, which he and his team are ready to scale up on the basis of demand.  

In May, Anandaiah and his concoctions drew the attention of the entire nation when people from far off places queued up at his residence to get the herbal paste and eye-drops. 

Anandaiah had prepared five types of concoctions. One of them was sent for lab analysis and received no objections from the government. However, the ‘K’ and ‘Ki’ mixtures were not analysed.

“’Dhanvantri’ is a preventive medicine for Omicron and it can be used once in 15 days,” Anandaiah said.  “The Omicron medicine is prepared by adding five different ingredients other than what were used for the ‘Delta’ concoction. The mixture increases one’s resistance to the disease as it improves liver health and ensures free flow of blood.  The ‘Delta’ variant medicine improved lung immunity. People can take the medicine for up to three months,” his son Sreedhar said.


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