Aneesha Madhok set to make Hollywood debut with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son in ‘Bully High’

Aneesha Madhok is very excited about her upcoming film. She reveals interesting facts about her character in the film.

Aneesha Madhok set to make Hollywood debut with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son in ‘Bully High’

Actress Aneesha Madhok is all set to make her Hollywood debut. She will be soon in the film ‘Bully High’ and alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger”s son Joseph Baena in the film. The actress is very happy as it is a very big achievement for her. The film release was also postponed due to the pandemic.  She said that the pandemic has affected me professionally. She is better known for playing the lead role in the play ‘Aliza-Free’. It received positive reviews from critics and she also got attention.

Talking about the film release and how the pandemic affected it, she said, “Just when I got a head start, theatres got shut. But I’m the last one to feel demotivated. I’m now in recording studios recording songs with India’s top musicians and preparing for music videos. The movie revolves around my character Maryam, who gets bullied for wearing a hijab in school, and Joseph plays the school president.” The actress is grown up in Delhi and comes from a business family. 

She recently made her singing debut with Jasbir Jassi’s new single ‘Dil Mangdi’, and soon be donning the producer’s hat too. “I am producing the film adaptation of my play ‘Aliza-Free’ where I play Aliza,” she added.

Lastly, the actress also said that that she wants to work with Italian actor-singer-model Michele Morrone.  “I think his singing talent is underrated. Everyone looks at him as a sex symbol. I think that his balanced approach to his characters with my crazy intensity of a bubbly Punjabi girl can give people a really good comedy. Plus when we will sing, that will be a guaranteed hit,” she concluded.

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