Anil Chopra turns a savior for COVID patients amidst raging pandemic

At a time when the second wave of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc across the country if there is a visible help provider to the people in distress in the state and Jaipur, it is emerging youth leader Anil Chopra and his team, who are lending an helping hand to the battle out COVID-19.

Anil Chopra, a former president of University of Rajasthan and a social activist has stepped in on ground personally answering SOS calls and is in forefront helping the people struggling to get beds, oxygen or ambulance and other necessary resources.

A philanthropist who consider Sachin Pilot as his mentor as emerged as a saviour to many in these testing times.

From swiftly responding to SOS messages from across the state reaching out to the people in need he is winning hearts and praises from all nooks and corners.

Anil who has studied master of arts in sociology says that the thought of working for people’s welfare is his  biggest motivation and is available 24 hours for people who need him. “My only aim is to make this world a better place for all to live in, in the battle against the COVID-19, I am doing the best I can helping people amidst the darkest times,” he said.

His works have assumed significance in the eyes of many citizens for his help in the midst of the COVID-19, helping people in all ways on war footing.

“I believe that even if there’s so much of bad happening around us still there’s a lot of humanity and kindness left in people which makes the place we live a lot more safer.  As an optimist, I am doing the best I can and contribute,” says Anil Chopra.

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