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New Delhi: Local media reported that the cabinet in Antigua and Barbuda had a brief discussion on the kidnapping claim of Indian fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi, as well as on the rulings rendered by the magistrate and the Supreme Court of Dominica.

‘No new information has come from the Dominican authorities who are now holding Choksi’s fate in their hands. Authorities in Antigua are continuing their investigation into Choksi’s allegation that he was abducted in Antigua. “Since kidnappings and abductions are not crimes that are commonly reported in Antigua, no effort is spared to uncover all the facts in this alleged kidnapping,” the Antigua News Room quoted a cabinet letter as saying after the discussion.

Choksi, who is currently on trial for entering Dominica illegally, was “illegally transferred” from Antigua and Barbuda to Dominica, so he would no longer have the option of appealing to the British Secret Council, she said. lawyer argued Thursday.

Michael Polak, part of the legal team representing Choksi and an expert in providing legal aid to foreign nationals around the world, said at a virtual news conference that the team also filed a complaint with the War Crimes Unit of the British Metropolitan Police submitted. that the Indian fugitive businessman had been tortured.

Polak described the case as a ‘serious violation of the rule of law and fundamental fairness’:’ What happened to Choksi was terrible. He was lured to a property, abducted, put a bag over his head, beaten, forced into a boat and illegally transferred to another country.

‘In Antigua he has the right to appeal to the Privy Council in London to determine whether the government is taking proper action against him. In Dominica he does not have such protection. The motive behind the abduction could not be clearer. ”

He further said there was ample evidence that Barbara Jarabica and the other men involved in the incident carried out a “reconnaissance or a failed attempt to kidnap Choksi” in April this year, adding that the businessman fleeing to Antigua must be returned.

Polak gave details of the kidnapping attempt, saying Jabarica, who lured Choksi to her Airbnb accommodation on May 23, specifically asked the owner if there was room to dock a small boat in the backyard.

Polak revealed between Jabarica and the owner of the properties and said that she had booked two adjoining properties after receiving confirmation about the mooring for boats.

Polak claims that one property was used by people with her, who were part of the kidnapping team.

The lawyer also claims that Jabarica left for Dominica in a private plane shortly after the abduction of Choksi Antigua and Barbuda.

Choksi, who is wanted in India in the 13,500 million Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud case, disappeared from Antigua on May 23, making a huge chase.

He was allegedly captured on May 26 in Dominica.

Choksi is facing charges of entering Dominica illegally.

A Dominican Supreme Court has banned the extradition.

He took the citizenship of Antigua in 2017 and left India on January 4, 2018 days before the case came to light.

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