Anupamaa: Maaya succeeds in her plot, MaAn’s relationship goes downhill

Anupamaa spoiler alert: In the latest episode little Anu (Asmi Deo) opens up her heart to Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) so that she can persuade her and let her go. She also told Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) that she should go because her happiness is with Maaya (Chhavi Pandey). She asks everyone to send her with a happy face so that she can take happy memories with her. Everyone sent her off with happy faces, and Anu was gone forever. Anuj and Anupamaa started running behind the car, and but little Anu rode away from their lives. Also Read – Anupamaa: Anuj massively slammed for his obnoxious behaviour with Anu after Choti Anu leaves; ‘Men will be Men’

Anuj-Anupamaa’s relationship to deteriorate?

Now, with Anu gone, the upcoming episode is very interesting because Anuj and Anupamaa can’t afford to lose their choti; they cry inconsolably; Anupamaa tries to calm Anuj; Anuj puts all the blame on Anupamaa, saying that she is the reason why Maaya has taken Anu; he tells Anupamaa she has a family; “I have none; I will be alone always.” Anupamaa asks Anuj to give her some time so she can handle everything, but Anuj breaks all relations with her and leaves her alone. Also Read – Anupamaa: Anuj goes berserk after losing Choti; tells Anupama, ‘Dum ghut ta hai tumhare saath iss ghar mein’ leaving MaAn fans heartbroken [Watch]

Anuj to leave Anupamaa?

Anuj’s heart is broken at this time, as Anu is his life and he can’t live without her. Anuj told Anupamaa to leave him alone and he did not share a room with her. He will not be will be frustrated with everything that’s going on while Anupamaa will be shattered by her thoughts, thinking that she has not imagined in her dreams that Anuj will leave her. Also Read – Anupamaa upcoming twists: Anuj blames Anu for separating him from his daughter; duo part ways as he asks for ‘space in the relationship’

Soon Anupamaa will find Anuj is missing from his room. Anupamaa gets shocked and searches for Anuj everywhere. All the Shahs and Kapadias will also search for him.

Will Anupamaa be able to know the real game of Maaya? Will she be able to bring Anu back and save her relationship with Anuj?

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