Apple warns some motorcycles can damage iPhone cameras – Check details

In a recently released help report, Apple warns that exposing your iPhone to large amplitude vibrations at particular frequency ranges, such as those produced by high-powered motorbike engines, can compromise the phone’s camera sensor.

Understanding how these functionalities work at their most basic level might help you comprehend why they could fail due to vibrations. Optical image stabilisation works in tandem with the phone’s gyroscope sensor.

As you may be aware, if you move the camera too much when taking a picture, the image will get blurry. This is especially true in low-light circumstances, when the shutter must remain open for longer to collect more light.

To eliminate blur, the camera’s lens changes in accordance with the gyroscope’s angle. Some iPhone versions, according to Apple, have features including optical image stabilisation and closed-loop autofocus (AF) to help improve image quality.

Motorcycle engines produce powerful, high-amplitude vibrations, which are transferred via the chassis and handlebars. As a result, Apple suggests avoiding using your iPhone in such a setting. Apple added that attaching to a vehicle with an electric motor, such as certain mini-bikes or scooters, could result in “comparatively lower-amplitude vibrations.”

OIS is available on the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and newer devices, as well as the iPhone SE second generation. Apple didn’t specify why it was only now giving the alert, or how such damage might affect an iPhone’s warranty. To reduce the chance of harm, Apple suggests utilising a vibration-dampening solution.

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