Apple’s management shake-up reflects its focus on India

Apple is changing the way it runs its international businesses, which shows how important India is becoming in the world and how much the company is focusing on the country.

This will be the first time that India becomes Apple’s own sales region, which has seen demand surge, giving the Asian nation increased prominence inside the tech giant.

The shift will result in India becoming its own sales region at Apple, according to a report.

Media reports also say Apple is making the change after its vice president in charge of India, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, East Europe, and Africa – Hugues Asseman, recently retired.

Since he is leaving, the company that makes the iPhone is promoting its head of India, who used to work for Asseman.

The executive, Ashish Chowdhary, will now report directly to Michael Fenger, Apple’s head of product sales. Fenger and Doug Beck, both reporting to Apple CEO Tim Cook, are in charge of the company’s international and domestic sales departments, respectively.

Apple’s organisational structure combines hierarchical elements with those based on functions and product lines. 

CEO Tim Cook made the company less rigid than it had been under Steve Jobs. Senior VPs of divisions and product managers no longer have to ask the CEO for permission before taking action.

The development comes on the heels of news of record revenue registered by Apple in India last quarter, even as its total sales slipped five per cent. 

Apple has created an online store to serve the region and is planning to open its retail outlets in the country later this year. 

In the last earnings call, chief executive officer Tim Cook said the company is putting “a lot of emphasis on the market” and compared the current state of its work in India to its early years in China.

In addition to serving as a sales engine for Apple, India is also becoming more critical to the company’s product development. 

Key suppliers are moving to the region, and Apple is working with manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry, also known as Foxconn, to set up new iPhone production facilities in the country.

The new management at Apple will change how the company is structured internally but won’t change how the company reports regional sales in its publicly available financials.

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