Are you combing your hair the right way?

Blame it on the altering seasons or sure life-style habits, however many people are inclined to face hair issues like persistent hairfall, breakage, dandruff, and even scalp points. But if you having been experiencing these regularly, it’s time you take note of how you comb your hair. If you will not be positive tips on how to go about it, right here’s a prepared reckoner from Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Priya Bahuleyan that we thought may be helpful.

As per Dr Bahuleyan, picket combs are “best”.

Here’s why.

*It is simple to de-tangle the knots.
*It prevents static electrical energy build-up on your hair strands that result in dry frizzy hair inflicting breakage and hair loss in contrast to different metallic and plastic combs.
*It distributes the pure oils on the scalp evenly to the strands and maintains the luster of your hair.
*It doesn’t agitate your scalp, as an alternative massages your scalp, aids hair growth, and reduces dandruff.

Apart from these, Dr Bahuleyan steered one ought to use a wide-toothed comb.

What is the right strategy to comb your hair?

Always work your hair from bottom-up or from the strands to the roots, particularly if you have lengthy hair. “One should not comb from the scalp to the strands,” she mentioned, including that combing from the strands to the roots helps detangle the hair simply with out unecessary tugging or pulling the hair or scalp.

“Once the knots are removed you may run through the whole mane gently,” she talked about.

How to maintain your comb clear?

Wash your comb with an antiseptic lotion bi-weekly. “This will prevent infections and dandruff rebuild on your scalp,” she remarked.

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