Arthur Arbesser Spring 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Arthur Arbesser’s presentation was a conversation between clothes and the space they occupy, both real and metaphysical. With a Dadaist approach, his collection became a complementary element within Spazio Meta—a vast warehouse in Milan, filled with used pieces of window displays, sets from past fashion shows and a startup operating in the field of temporary installations.

Spring was shown on inanimate objects, transformed and rethought as hangers or mannequins. “Using just what’s available is more a matter of intuition than reflection,” said Arbesser. His work is a search for joy and lightness through the eyes of an adult who is fearful of losing touch with his inner child. “Nothing beats the joy of being able to express yourself freely,” he said. “Everyone should embrace that precious mindset of not caring about what others think.”

Dresses, shirts and linear skirts looked easy to wear but were complex in thought, designed for those who want to feel like protagonists in the clothes they inhabit. Graphic and painterly elements were prominent, from prints created with spray cans and strips of tape (later removed to create aesthetic effects) to those developed from textures found in the team’s photo albums with a fake patchwork effect. Another was created using a large piece of white cardboard treated with liters of colored watercolor paint. “The most beautiful thing about this work is the opportunity to tell new stories,” said Arbesser, “and just seeing a new print is enough to still feel touched.”

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