Shots kill 2, wound 6 after Sweet 16 party, Georgia cops say


The shootings took place about 30 minutes after a Sweet 16 was called to a halt in a Douglasville cul-de-sac on March 4.

Two people were killed and six others were wounded when gunfire erupted after a house party staged for teens in the Atlanta area, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Identities of the victims have not not been released.

It happened Saturday, March 4, after a Sweet 16 party was called to an abrupt halt at a home in Douglasville, about 20 miles west of downtown Atlanta.

“We know that there was a house party where well over a hundred teenagers were attending,” the sheriff’s office reported in a news release.

“A confrontation occurred that resulted in two deaths and six injured from gun shots. Information is very limited at this time.”

Chrystal Walker-Cherry identified herself as host of the party in a Facebook post, and she reports the shooting occurred down the street, about 30 minutes after the event ended.

“I’m trying to wrap my mind around how a carefully planned out Sweet 16 birthday party for my daughter would end up in tragedy and loss of lives. … Parents are having the plan funerals for their babies because they wanted to be children and have fun,” she wrote on March 5.

“Children are now traumatized for life because of senseless gun violence. My daughter is dealing with the facts and blaming herself for it all. This was supposed to be a celebration of life! What has this world come to?!”

The party began at 8 p.m. with 100 attendees and came to halt about two hours later, when someone was was caught smoking, she said. Six adults were acting as chaperons at the time, she said, including her husband.

“My children know that we don’t allow any kind of disrespect, drugs or alcohol so it was shut down in no time,” Walker-Cherry wrote.

“Shortly afterwards, 10:30, we heard gunshots up the street and would later find out that a group of guys waited on their target and shot into a group of children. … Please pray for all children that had to witness this. Pray that justice will be served.”

Investigators have not released conditions of the six injured.

No arrests has been made in the case.

Mark Price has been a reporter for The Charlotte Observer since 1991, covering beats including schools, crime, immigration, LGBTQ issues, homelessness and nonprofits. He graduated from the University of Memphis with majors in journalism and art history, and a minor in geology.

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