You’ll get ‘more and more confused’ looking at this KC house

Yes, those are driveway stairs.

Yes, those are driveway stairs.

Screen grab from Realtor

A house has landed on the real estate market in Kansas City — and it has a popular TikTok page more confused than a teacup poodle trying to comprehend the end of any Christopher Nolan movie.

Outside, the four-bedroom, two-bathroom residence — which is listed for $180,000 — looks like someone with a creative touch had their hands on it. It has a fairytale cottage-like picket white fences in front of a first- and second-story window, and bizarrely placed, yet useful, staircase in the middle of the driveway.

The inside? Spacious, modern and yet…something is off, according to TikTok’s famous @zillowtastrophes, a page that highlights unique houses on the Zillow marketplace.

Oddities aside momentarily, the house has a lot to offer, including a lot of space. Features in and around the 1,942-square-foot property include:

Being sold as is, a new owner can step in and make this their dream home.

Though there are certain things that are throwing fans of @zillowtastrophes off just slightly, according the creator.

“When we get inside, we see it looks like it’s been recently renovated, but upon closer inspection, there have been some odd choices made,” the creator notes when looking through photos of the home. “For example, these kitchen cabinets are on the corner from the kitchen. And this kitchen looks fine, except…where’s the stove? It’s tucked into this strange little hallway here.”

And that’s just the start of it. The creator hops from room to room, examining the photos in detail and pointing out quirks she believes are off. The reaction in the comment section of the TikTok video was mixed and ranged from those who were flabbergasted by the oddities to some who would kill to embrace them with open arms.

“I kinda like the driveway stairs, but make them narrower,” one person in the comment section observed.

“I kept getting more and more confused the more I watched,” another said.

“My grandma’s house had a driveway with those stairs. They did build it themselves, so I guess it was DIY!” someone noted.

“I love it! I could get drunk and be lost for days!” one person expressed.

“I could work with this,” someone said.

TJ Macías is a Real-Time national sports reporter for McClatchy based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Formerly, TJ covered the Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers beat for numerous media outlets including 24/7 Sports and Mavs Maven (Sports Illustrated). Twitter: @TayloredSiren

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