Assess skill, not words of those you hire to build dream home

My friend who does painting jobs wanted to land the contract for the painting works of a brand new house in the neighbourhood. As the house is quite big, he was a bit hesitant to approach the owner and ask for work. So, he asked me, an acquaintance of the owner to go with him.

The owner asked me whether I was doing painting jobs now. Even though I wasn’t, I told him that I only did big houses. I didn’t want my friend to lose that opportunity because of me. After bargaining a bit, we agreed for a reasonable rate that was profitable. However, the owner had a strange demand. He wanted me to be at the site until the painting works were done.

My friend would lose this job if I told him the truth. So, I took up a painting brush for the first time in my life. I gave up my other work and stayed there for two months until the team completed the painting work. The owner and his family entrusted me to oversee the work. However, the truth was that I had no idea about how to do this job. Luckily, the painting was completed on time.

I am sharing this incident to remind you about some foolish decisions that we may take during the construction of our dream home. Instead of assessing the worker’s skills and experience, we might rely on their looks and how they present themselves. This is a trend that is seen in most sectors. More than the attractive personality or the impressive words spoken by him, it is wise to hire workers solely based on their skill and talent. 

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