‘Tragic incident’: Youngest Israeli hostage reportedly killed in Gaza

Former Middle East adviser to the Pentagon Jasmine El-Gamal says the alleged death of a 10-month-old hostage is a tragic incident and won’t derail Israel’s ultimate objective of trying to get as many hostages home.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated again and again that his number one objective from day one … has been to get the hostages out, as many hostages as possible,” Ms El-Gamal told Sky News Australia.

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“It’s a tragic incident if it is true, but I don’t see it derailing the ultimate, larger objective of trying to get every hostage home.”

Ms El-Gamal’s remarks come after Hamas reported that the 10-month-old baby, the youngest hostage held in Gaza, was killed alongside his mother and brother in an Israeli airstrike.

The claims are yet to be verified and are being investigated by Israel’s Defence Force.

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