Baby Care During Covid-19: Should Infected Mothers Maintain Distance From Their Newborns?

Babies born during the pandemic should be nurtured prudently, in order to protect them from contracting the virus. Therefore, when babies are born, they are separated from the mother. If the mother contracts the virus during birth, then she is not allowed to touch her newborn. But these are myths and hold no truth according to the experts.

According to doctors separating a corona positive mother from her child is a myth and holds no truth. Therefore, newborn babies should not be taken away from the mother. Experts believe that mother’s milk is the most powerful food for newborns, which provides immunity against Covid-19 and other infections. 

Kangaroo care necessary for newborns even during Covid pandemic
According to WHO ( World Health Organization), newborn children need kangaroo mother care. Especially the child who weighs less than 2 kg, is in urgent need of Kangaroo Mother Care. Kangaroo mother care is similar to a mother kangaroo raising its baby in the pouch.

Experts believe that skin-to-skin contact between mother and child is effective for the well-being of the child. If the mother holds the baby close to her, it gives warmth and affection to the child. Due to this, even if the child is infected, the immune system of the child strengthens. 

Mother should not be separated from child
Experts believe that even during Covid, the mother should not be separated from the child. Doctors say that if the mother and child are separated, the risk of the child contracting Covid-19 or other infection increases multifold. If the child is deprived of the mother’s milk then, the risk of infection may increase. In the opinion of experts, mother’s milk is necessary as it contains antibodies that protect the child against infection.

According to research by Lancet EclinicalMedicine on the WHO website, newborns should be in close contact with parents (skin-to-skin contact) to ensure the safety of the child. But in many countries, after the mother becomes Covid positive, she is separated from the child. Hence experts advise that the mother and child should be in close contact even if the mother is positive. It has been seen in many studies that even if the mother becomes positive, then only a child gets its infection. 

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