Bengaluru: In New Advisory, BBMP Suggests Resident Welfare Associations To Tighten Surveillance

New Delhi: Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) on Thursday issued a new advisory to resident welfare associations, apartment complexes and housing societies to tighten surveillance in view of a sharp spike in Covid cases in Karnataka.

In order to beef up surveillance, the entire apartment complex will be declared a ‘containment zone’ for a minimum of seven days in case of more than three Covid cases. Also, all residents will be tested, detailed contact tracing & surveillance to be done, said the BBMP in a new advisory issued on Thursday.

Here are the fresh advisories issued by BBMP to the resident welfare associations:

  • Ensure all residents, house helps and visitors are checked for temperature, mask at the entry point and provision for hand sanitisation/hand wash shall be provided.
  • Common areas such as floor, railings, surfaces, etc, are likely to be touched by multiple people, to be cleaned using Sodium Hypochlorite, bleaching power, or any effective disinfectant for maintaining the highest level of sanitation and hygiene.
  • Common areas like walkways and parks used for walking or jogging can be used subject to the strict maintenance of Covid Appropriate Behaviours (mask, social distancing). These places should not get converted into socialising/meeting points.
  • Common groups (MyGate, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) of RWAs may be used to encourage vaccination coverage and spreading awareness, using the official communication materials shared by BBMP. However, shall abstain from sharing random forwards related to Covid without verifying the source of infection.
  • Use of gymnasiums, sports facilities, swimming pools shall be avoided. Operations and allowed numbers shall be strict as per the prevailing Gol and GoK guidelines.
  • Wearing of masks by kids at all times while in the open spaces and play areas shall be ensured by parents and the association members.
  • Parents are advised to counsel their children on the situation of Covid-19 and the importance of preventive measures so that children understand the reason behind the limits imposed on their activities.
  • Events/Gatherings at clubhouse or community hall shall preferably be avoided if unavoidable shall not exceed 50 members.
  • The housing societies should follow segregated waste disposal with one fixed place identified and used for dumping waste in separate bins.
  • Sanitization of the Lift Operating buttons by regular cleaning. Provisions shall be made for sanitising at the entry/exit points of the lift.
  • The community shall cooperate with the public health authorities for regular testing, vaccination, survey, containment and other Covid related activities. If in case a positive case is reported in the community, RWA and residents shall cooperate with surveillance activities.
  • Containment strategy for RWAs – If more than 3 cases are reported within the apartment complex, or 100 Mts perimeter or the floor above and below. or the complete block or in case of smaller apartments complete apartment complex shall be declared as a “Containment Zone” for a minimum of seven days. Following are the considerations for CZ within the RWA. Members and residents shall cooperate accordingly.
    1. If one case is on each floor, individual houses are on those floors.
    2. If 3 cases are on one floor, then the complete floor.
    3. If 10 cases in a tower, either single floor or multiple floors, complete tower.
    4. If 50 cases in an apartment complex of 50-100 households/100 cases in an apartment complex of 100 households complete apartment complex.
  • If containment is declared, all residents within the area shall be tested. Detailed contact tracing and surveillance activities shall be conducted. All households shall be surveyed for the health of a vulnerable population.
  • Testing of all population within the containment zone is advisable, mandatory if symptomatic.
  • Testing of all primary contacts and secondary contacts is advisable and mandatory if symptomatic. All contacts shall remain under quarantine till the test results are declared. All contacts within the CZ shall remain quarantined for the period of CZ notification.
  • It shall be the duty of the Resident Welfare Association (RWA)/ Society to ensure that all those people who have been advised home quarantine stay indoors in their homes and do not move around in the society, community spaces or in the city casually. Health officials will stick the Home Quarantine posters for those who are recommended to do so. Any breach of quarantine of the spect can cause an uncontrolled spread of the infection in the entire community.
  • The RWA should ensure that any residents with symptoms suggestive Covid or suspected to have come in contact with a positive case shall be reported to the zonal health authorities of BBMP and co-operate with them intake the required actions such as testing, tracking, tracking, quarantine and isolation.
  • The RWA should see that no Covid positive resident is stigmatized by others in the society and there is no abuse harassment of the affected resident Neighbours can keep in touch with the affected resident family through mediums like phone, WhatsApp, video call, etc.
  • If any resident or his/her family members have undertaken interstate travel, ideal to ensure they are tested and carrying an RT-PCR negative report, especially ones coming from countries notified as “high-risk”, also Kerala, Maharashtra and Goa states. (Subject to change as per prevailing guidelines) if not they shall be advised to undergo RT-PCR testing and remain under home quarantine till the results or declared or as per the prevailing Govt. guidelines.
  • Parents are advised to counsel their children on the situation of Covid-19 and the importance of preventive measures are that children understand the reason behind the limits imposed on their activity.
  • The health of all elderly (above 6 years) and high-risk population, such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients with a history of or on treatment for cancer, diabetes, hypertension, immuno-compromising conditions shall be regularly monitored and if any symptoms suggestive of Covid are noticed, shall immediately inform BBMP health officials for testing and further assistance.
  • Services sociated to emergency/necessary such as medical, plumbing. electrical, cooking gas, water supply, etc., shall be obtained with strict adherence to Covid appropriate behaviour. It is advised to check and ensure fully vaccinated of all visitors.
  • Ensure all residents are fully vaccinated
  • Ensure all aids, security and other staff are fully vaccinated.
  • BBMP Marshalls and regional health authorities are entrusted with the responsibility of enforcing Cavid Approprime Behaviour across the city. they may visit apartment complexes or housing societies without prior notice, KWA and residents shall cooperate accordingly.
  • RWAs may form internal committees task force for effective communication, surveillance and sustainment of Covid-19.


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