5 Best Leather Cases for Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Pixel 7 Pro is a premium smartphone that has a unique, eye-catching design. While it’s important to protect the phone, slapping on a generic case will ruin the look of the device. If you want to maintain a classy look, consider getting a Pixel 7 Pro leather case. Leather cases not only look great but also improve the in-hand feel of the device.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to getting a leather case for your phone. However, we’ve gone through several listings and have curated a list of the best leather cases for the Pixel 7 Pro that you can buy. Pick the one that suits your vibe!

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With that out of the way, here are all the leather cases we recommend for Pixel 7 Pro.

1. Golanger Leather + Polycarbonate Bumper Case

While leather looks and feels great, it may not provide as much protection as some other materials on a phone case. So, a good way to retain the leather finish while adding more protection is to make a case that uses a polycarbonate bumper with a leather exterior. And that’s exactly what Golanger has done.

The Golanger leather case is for those of you who do not want to compromise on protection while having a premium-looking case. You get a polycarbonate frame so you won’t feel the leather on the sides of this case. The back is wrapped in leather, though, and is available in many colors including this nice teal hue.

It’s worth mentioning that the leather on the back isn’t genuine so while it looks like leather, it won’t develop any patina over time. The reviews say that it is a rather slim case that feels good to hold but the main issue is that there is a lot of engraved text on the rear which ruins the look of the case.

If you’re okay with that, it’s an inexpensive faux-leather case that you can buy.

2. X-level Slim PU Leather Case

Here’s another case that’s made of PU leather. The case is made of a soft TPU material that is flexible and shockproof. Then, a layer of faux leather is added to the back to give it a premium look. While you won’t get the feel of genuine leather, it looks pretty close to a real leather case so if that’s what matters to you, it’s a good option.

Genuine leather cases are quite expensive so the best way to achieve a look that’s close to it is by using faux leather. The material also feels pretty much like real leather so there are not many compromises here. The only thing you miss out on with this Google Pixel 7 Pro leather case is the soft leather on the sides of the case.

You’re essentially gripping onto TPU on the sides which can be slightly slippery. On the upside, TPU is good at absorbing impacts. So, if you drop your phone, you should ideally get good protection. The case is available in 4 color options so pick the one that appeals to you the most.

Further, as per the reviews, this is a good case that looks and feels much more premium than what the price would suggest. This case also has some writing on the rear which might put some people off.

3. Binceen Soft Leather Case

This PU leather case for Pixel 7 Pro makes it to the list purely based on the bright color options that are available. Also, it seems like the only PU leather case that doesn’t have any text or writing on the back. Apart from that, it’s a pretty generic faux-leather case that provides a good amount of grip along with an attractive back.

Most leather cases are generally black or brown. Or at most blue. Binceen has gone one step further and has created a red variant of the case for those who like flashy colors.

If you liked the PU leather cases mentioned earlier but weren’t pleased with the embossed text on the back, this case has a minimalistic approach and does away with those unnecessary elements.

The rest of the case is pretty much standard. The sides are black due to the use of TPU while the back has leather stuck onto it. You also get a loop on the side to attach a lanyard if you’re into that kind of thing. The buttons are slightly hard to press but that should get better when you use the case more.

4. SUANPOT PU Leather Wallet Case

If you’re someone who prefers storing your cards and cash with your phone, this leather wallet case is for you. Along with the premium feel of leather, you get the added benefit of leaving your wallet at home when you head out since you can store all the required cards in the compartments inside the case. It’s available in a wide variety of colors too.

This is one of the best leather wallet cases for the Pixel 7 Pro. The flap has a magnetic lock that keeps it in place when closed. On the other side of the flap, you get card slots which you can also use to store some cash. Another advantage of this folio design is that you can use it as a kickstand to rest your phone on a surface when watching content.

The brand offers you 10 different colors to choose from so you’re getting several options to match your outfits. There’s also an RFID-blocking tech that’s built into the wallet which keeps your cards secure.

However, there are some concerns about the materials used on the inside of the case. But only time will tell how they hold up in the coming months.

5. Bellroy Leather Case

Bellroy has been making some of the best leather cases for smartphones recently so if you want premium quality materials with a genuine leather case, Bellroy is your go-to brand. This Pixel 7 Pro leather case looks majestic and feels equally premium to the touch. The high-quality leather will develop a patina over time that will further enhance its look.

Are you looking for a genuine leather case that looks and feels exquisite? Look no further than this Bellroy leather case for the Pixel 7 Pro. The entire case is made of leather, so you won’t find any TPU on the edges. When you hold the Pixel 7 Pro with this case, you will instantly experience how premium it feels.

You get 6 color options to choose from, and all of them look quite attractive. The case is quite slim too, so you don’t have to worry about adding any bulk to your device.

It is on the expensive side, but you’re paying for the quality of materials and craftsmanship. If you have the budget for it, this is easily the best leather case for the Pixel 7 Pro out there.

Add a Touch of Class

Leather is undoubtedly one of the most premium materials out there, especially for a phone case. So, if you want to add a dash of class to your phone, get one of these Pixel 7 Pro leather cases and your phone will automatically start feeling more premium than it is.

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