5 Best Sony Cameras for Videos in 2023

If you’re a professional videographer, a DSLR or mirrorless camera can elevate your videos to a whole other level. Whether you’re recording a video for YouTube or want to try your hand at professional wedding shoots or even short films, Sony cameras for video recording are generally the way to go.

best Sony cameras for videos

Sony’s color profile and range of lenses might make you lean toward the camera-maker. Another reason to opt for a Sony video camera is you may already have lenses from Sony, so getting a different camera may not make sense economically. So, if you’re looking for a brand-new mirrorless camera for video, we’ve listed some of the best Sony cameras with good video recording capabilities. We’ve included cameras for beginners and professionals, so simply pick up the camera you want for filming and get started! But before that –

1. Sony Alpha ZV-E10

  • Resolution: 24.2MP
  • Lens System: APS-C
Sony ZV-E10Sony ZV-E10

The ZV-E10 from Sony is an entry-level camera aimed primarily at vloggers and content creators. It has an interchangeable lens system, a flippable screen, and some cool software tricks like enhanced background blur to make your videos look better.

If you’re a beginner and are primarily looking for a 4K camera for vlogging or YouTube, you can’t go wrong with the Sony Alpha ZV-E10. It’s a solid camera for the price and offers more features than Sony’s standard line of APS-C cameras. For instance, the camera sports a feature dubbed product showcase, which can come in handy when recording product review videos.

In fact, the ZV-E10 even gets built-in stabilization, which is useful when shooting handheld. As per reviews, what sets the ZV-E10 apart from other cameras in this range is its fast autofocus capabilities. You can pick up the ZV-E10 just with the 16-50mm kit lens or pair it up with a content creator kit or vlogging kit bundle from the brand. If you’re looking to get your first camera for videos, the Sony ZV-E10 is a fantastic pick.

What We Like

  • Excellent autofocus
  • Lots of software modes and tweaks

What We Don’t Like

  • Video stabilization could have been better when walking

2. Sony Alpha 7C

  • Resolution: 24.2MP
  • Lens System: Full-frame
Sony Alpha 7CSony Alpha 7C

While the ZV-E10 is undoubtedly an excellent camera, it has an APS-C sensor, so you will experience a crop when shooting. The Sony A7C solves that issue with a full-frame sensor. It’s one of the most affordable full-frame cameras from Sony, offering excellent value for your money.

Along with being relatively affordable, the Sony Alpha 7C also has an extremely compact and lightweight chassis. So, if you’re someone who travels a lot when making videos, you will certainly appreciate the A7C’s form factor. Despite having a small footprint, Sony hasn’t compromised on the capabilities of this camera.

To wit, the camera snaps crisp 4K videos– which, as per reviews, offer superb sharpness. Note that the camera gets in-body image stabilization that works wonders for photos, but falters ever so slightly when shooting videos in low light. On the flip side, videos shot from the camera offer bountiful details. Most full-frame cameras with similar specs are large and bulky.

But if you’re specifically looking for a lightweight camera to ensure your hands are not strained when recording, the Sony Alpha 7C is the way to go. In fact, the value provided by the A7C makes it one of the best options for videographers. It costs a fraction of the heavyweights (quite literally) but can give more expensive cameras a run for their money.

What We Like

  • Extremely light and compact
  • Superb video quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Video stabilization could have been better

3. Sony FX30

  • Resolution: 20.1MP
  • Lens System: Super 35
Sony FX 30 cinema cameraSony FX 30 cinema camera

If you’re a videographer, you would certainly have an affinity towards Sony’s Cinema Line cameras. The FX30 belongs to that category and, contrary to popular belief, isn’t priced exorbitantly. In case you want to try your hand at filmmaking or you wish to record short films or documentaries in the Super 35 format, the FX30 is a good entry-level option.

The Super 35 format used on the Sony FX30 essentially lets you shoot with a wider perspective than a standard 35mm full-frame camera. It provides a unique perspective and allows you to fit more into your frame. In short, it overturns videos with a ‘cinematic’ look and feel.

If these are the traits you are looking for in your video camera, the Sony FX30 fits the bill. It can record in 4K, is relatively compact, and has the ability to apply user LUTs straight from the onboard display. While most reviews state that it’s an excellent film camera for the price, some users have experienced lag when using the camera interface. A few reviews also mention that you need to pair it with a premium lens if you want good low-light performance.

So, unless you specifically want to leverage the Super 35 format, the Sony Alpha 7C makes more sense for most people.

What We Like

  • Offers a cinematic perspective
  • Excellent video quality in good lighting
  • Dual SD card slots

What We Don’t Like

  • Low-light performance could be better
  • The camera interface can be slow at times

4. Sony Alpha 7 IV

  • Resolution: 33MP
  • Lens System: Full-frame
Sony A7 IVSony A7 IV

The Sony A7 IV is a superb camera that aces both photography and videography. Thanks to its versatile nature, you can use the Alpha 7 IV for travel videos, live streaming, weddings, and whatnot.

If you’re looking for a video camera that can be used in any environment, look no further. The Sony Alpha 7 IV has excellent in-body stabilization and autofocus, making it a capable video camera. You can record videos at up to 4K 60fps, which gives you excellent details and smoothness.

Thanks to all the high-end features baked in, the Sony Alpha 7 IV is quite heavy and – for the lack of a better word – chunky. So, if you’re planning on recording videos handheld for a long time, ensure you don’t skip your biceps workouts. Also, the autofocus can be a bit finicky in low-light situations, so keep that in mind.

The A7 IV is overall a solid camera that will serve most users well. However, if you want the absolute best Sony has to offer in terms of videography, check out the 7S III listed below.

What We Like

  • Excellent stabilization
  • 4K 60fps recording looks fantastic

5. Sony Alpha A7S III

  • Resolution: 12.1MP
  • Lens System: Full-frame
Sony Alpha a7S IIISony Alpha a7S III

While some users may lean towards the A7 IV due to the large megapixel count, resulting in more detailed videos, the A7S III has a few tricks up its sleeve that may lure videographers into picking it over the A7 IV. This includes higher frame rates and better low-light sensitivity.

The Sony A7S III can go all the way up to 120fps when shooting at 4K and 240fps when recording at 1080p. This is double what the A7 IV can achieve. It’s also worth noting that the A7S III performs better at higher ISO levels and has a superior viewfinder. These factors might make you lean towards the A7S III if you’re primarily looking for a video recording camera.

However, that doesn’t mean the A7 IV is any slouch. In fact, it even outperforms the A7S III in certain departments. It captures better details, is considerably lighter, and offers additional customization. Moreover, additional features like variable shutter and breathing compensation arguably make the A7 IV a better camera overall.

It all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. If you want a camera specifically for recording videos and can take advantage of the high frame rate, the Sony A7S III is the way to go. However, if you don’t mind sacrificing the high frame rates and slight low-light performance, the A7 IV is a more lucrative option — especially with a substantially lower price tag.

What We Like

  • 4K 120fps recording
  • Excellent performance in low light

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite heavy
  • Doesn’t offer too much over the A7 IV

Make Your Videos More Appealing

A good camera is vital for shooting high-quality videos. No matter what type of content you want to record, any of the best Sony cameras for videos mentioned above will help you create videos that look appealing.

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