Bicycling Health Benefits: 10 Things That Can Happen Inside Your Body When You Cycle Everyday

What Happens To Your Body When You Cycle Everyday

Are you in love with your bicycle? Cycling is an enjoyable way to stay healthy and in touch with the world around you. Scroll down to know the several health benefits that cycling daily can provide you.

God has given us a beautiful body with a wonderful organ to support carrying out all daily activities, yes you got it right, the heart. It continues to beat constantly to meet the requirements of the various organs and to do so, one should work hard to keep it fit and healthy. Aerobic exercises like brisk walking, running, dancing and cycling are great activities to strengthen the heart. It is important to do this regularly to derive maximum benefit. We spoke to Dr Maj Gen Susheel Kumar Malani, Head of the Department of Cardiology DPU Private Super Speciality Hospital, Pune, to understand what happens to the body of the person who cycles every single day (consistently).

Bicycling Health Benefits

Cycling is an enjoyable way to stay healthy and derive other benefits like weight loss, muscle strength, lowering cholesterol, improving mental health and reducing cardiovascular risk. It can be done as low-impact exercise or moderate intensity as well as long-distance high-intensity workouts. Group exercise helps make new friends and gives a sense of belonging and purpose to remain motivated.

Exercise stimulates the growth of new connections between brain cells and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a great stress buster for overall health benefits including less risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Cardiovascular Risk Markers

In addition to standard risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol and a sedentary lifestyle, various blood tests can indicate a higher risk of heart disease. These are inflammatory markers such as C reactive protein or CRP, hsCRP, homocysteine level, lipoprotein a and apolipoproteins.

Coronary calcium score on CT scan also can define the cardiac risk.

To conclude, a healthy lifestyle should be pursued vigorously on a long-term basis to derive maximum benefit for cardiovascular health and good quality of life.

10 Benefits of Cycling

What if we tell you that there is an enjoyable way to stay healthy, including helping you lose weight, lowering your cholesterol levels and strengthening your legs? Yes, we are talking about cycling and the many benefits that it can have on your body. Check the complete list here:

  1. Promotes weight loss
  2. Strengthens your legs
  3. Extremely good for beginners
  4. Helps in lowering cholesterol
  5. Boosts mental health and brain power
  6. Helps people with cancer
  7. Can offer a positive start to your morning
  8. Helps prevent and manage medical conditions
  9. Improves balance, posture, and coordination
  10. Cycling daily can also help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

NOTE: Take a break if you experience pain, fatigue, or muscle soreness.

Disclaimer: The several health benefits of cycling daily that are expressed within this article have been approved by Dr Maj Gen Susheel Kumar Malani, Head of the Department of Cardiology DPU Private Super Speciality Hospital, Pune. Cycling is a type of workout that doesn’t really invite any side effects, however, for those who are planning to start cycling for the first time, we suggest you must a ‘go’ from your doctor or trainer.

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