Bike taxis captain must ensure pillion rider wears helmet to avoid fine

Hyderabad: The pillion rider helmet rule is creating issues for the captains of motorbike taxis.

The Traffic police instructed the Bike taxis like Rapido, Ola, and Uber to ensure that the pillion driving passengers use the helmet. 

However, in accordance to the bike captains, the pillion rider passenger is reluctant to use the helmet citing varied causes.  The most frequently cited purpose is that he wouldn’t put on the helmet utilized by others which isn’t good for well being.

The different causes given by the passengers are perspiration through the summer time season or the helmet might probably carry the coronavirus.

Munir Ahmed, a motorbike captain of Rapido mentioned, “I never paid challan all my life as I always maintain traffic rules.  I use a helmet regularly and keep all the documents in order. But I was shocked when I was fined Rs.150 on March 23 due to the refusal of a passenger to use the helmet as he was scared of coronavirus.”

According to Munir Ahmed, he tried to persuade the passenger to put on a helmet however the passenger posed a query to him as to who can be accountable if he contracts the coronavirus by sporting an unhygienic helmet.

“Many a time a pillion riding passenger refuses to wear the helmet due to perspiration odour emanating from the helmet and if we ask him to use it, he gets irritated,” says Shiva Nayek, one other bike taxi captain.

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