Bizarre! These pigeons from Rajasthan’s Nagaur own property worth crores- Here’s how

One has obviously heard of property worth crores in the name of humans but hearing about property worth crores in the name of animals and birds is something out of a children’s storybook or a fever dream! Millionaire pigeons may sound strange, but they exist.

In the Jasnagar village of the Nagaur district in Rajasthan, the pigeons in the locality own crores worth of property to their name. Among the land are shops, several bighas of land, and cash money. These pigeons have 27 shops, 126 bighas of land, and about Rs 30 lakh cash in their bank accounts.

Not just the above-mentioned whopping amount of money, a gaushala containing 470 cows is also being operated on 10 bighas of land of these pigeons.

Around 40 years ago, taking the instructions of former sarpanch Ramdin Chotiya and taking inspiration from his guru Marudhar Kesari, with the cooperation of the villagers of the village, immigrant industrialists late Sajjanraj Jain and Prabhusinh Rajpurohit established the Kabuan Trust.

The Bhamashahs built 27 shops in the town through the trust for the protection of pigeons and for the provision of regular grain water and named the trust after them. Now with this earning, the trust is providing 3 sacks of food grains daily for the last 30 years.

Each day, three bags of paddy are arranged by the Kabulan Trust at a cost of about Rs 4000. In the Gaushala run by the trust, arrangements are made for fodder water for 470 cows if required. There is a total monthly income of about Rs 80,000 in the form of rent from shops.

There is immovable property of about 126 bighas of agricultural land. The savings after the earnings are spent in the protection of pigeons and are deposited in a bank inside the village itself, which today is close to Rs 30 lakh.

The trust’s secretary, Prabhu Singh Rajpurohit, said that many Bhamashahs in the town had donated openly for the protection of pigeons. He continues to donate even today. The money collected through donation should be properly utilized and there should never be any shortage of water for pigeons, so the villagers and the people of the trust together made shops, Prabhu added.

Today, these shops generate an annual income of about Rs 9 lakh, which is spent in providing water to the pigeons in the locality.


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