BMC Chief Asks Wards To Ramp Up Operations Against Those Mask-Less

On Sunday, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Chief, I S Chahal asked all ward level officers to see to it that locals adhere to the coronavirus protocols. In light of this, he has asked them to take action against those who are flouting these rules owing to the impending third wave, reported the Times of India.

The number of people who were caught mask-less is now near 4,000-5,000 which is starkly low compared to the numbers in March 2021, during the second wave when the stats stood at 15,000, stated the report. The chief has instructed all ward officers to give minimum targets to their respective marshals and ensure that these targets are met.

Based on data from the civic authority, the account highlighted that on August 28, nearly 5,174 people without masks were fined an aggregate of Rs 10.3 lakh. This when contrasted to the numbers on March 6 was 24,809 offenders were fined Rs 49.6 lakh.

After the outbreak of the virus, the civic authority had made it compulsory for the locals to wear masks in the public sphere and if they were found flouting these rules, they were fined Rs 200.

According to the report, during the second wave this year, the authority rammed the marshals who were to fine those not only wearing masks but also spit in public places. These marshals were asked to fine 25,000 citizens each day.

The account further elaborated on Chahal’s message that highlighted how he asked all assistant municipal commissioners responsible of wards to promptly take action on the said problem. He asked them to ascertain that those not wearing masks in public spaces are fined and minimum targets given are achieved. He said that he will be personally looking into each ward’s achievement.

Almost 32.1 lakh individuals are flouting the mask rule and over Rs 64.6 cr has been collected as penalties, mentioned the narrative.   

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