Boygenius on Their Debut Album, Queer Joy, and the Role-Model Paradox

If you’re a millennial who’s gone through a breakup in the last five years, you likely need no introduction to Boygenius, the supergroup composed of musicians Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. All three have their own robust careers, but when they come together, it’s like the indie-rock equivalent of putting Nutella and marshmallow fluff on your PB&J; so good that you can’t imagine why you weren’t doing it all along.

Boygenius’s first full-length studio album, appropriately titled The Record, was released at midnight on Friday. Ahead of that momentous occasion, Vogue spoke to Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus about preparing to be perceived by the world yet again, working with Kristen Stewart on the album’s accompanying film, and recognizing the impact they have on young fans (especially those who are queer and/or trans) without succumbing to the pressure to be role models 24/7. Read the full interview below:

*__Vogue: __*How are you feeling as you prepare for the album to come out?

Phoebe Bridgers: I mean, it’s going to happen in a couple of hours, so how much more preparing can we do?

Julien Baker: We’re letting go and letting God. [Laughs.]

PB: I think we’re all really ready, though. Like, we recorded it over a year ago, and we started writing it a year and a half before that.

What lessons did you take away from the release of your EP in 2018 that you’re trying to apply now?

LD: I mean, mostly that we want to do it. [Laughs.] I’ve been waiting for this moment for our entire friendship, really, because the EP was not supposed to be the highlight of that tour; the tour was supposed to be a triple-bill thing, and then we turned into a band and were like, we should do this for real. And now we are! It’s crazy.

If there were a sibling dynamic between the EP and The Record, what do you think it would be?

JB: I think it’s an older/younger brother thing, not because our younger selves were less mature, but in terms of having less resources to bring those younger selves to fruition. The band itself was a baby, in that we were only just becoming a band.

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