Burnt milk: Here are some ways to fix it

Image Source : FREEPIK Burnt milk: Here are some ways to fix it

Boiling milk is a common household chore, and it is not always easy to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan or spilling over. When this happens, the milk becomes burnt and spoils the taste of the dish that you were preparing. When milk gets burnt, it develops a smoky smell and a yellowish color that negatively affects the taste and texture of the milk. In Ayurveda, it is advised not to consume burnt milk as it may have a negative impact on digestion. Therefore, it becomes important to fix burnt milk and use it in a wise manner.

However, instead of throwing the burnt milk away, there are some simple hacks that you can try to reuse in smart ways.

Pour it into a new container

If the milk gets burnt, it is recommended that you transfer it to a new container or vessel. This can help to reduce the strong and unpleasant smell, as well as the burnt taste of the milk.

Improve taste

To improve the taste of burnt milk, you can try a simple hack of adding cinnamon sticks. Simply add the cinnamon sticks to the warm milk, and they will add a subtle sweetness while enhancing the overall taste of the burnt milk.

Make desserts

It may sound unusual, but making desserts is another way to reuse burnt milk. By mixing the burnt milk with aromatic spices, chocolate, or fresh fruits, you can create flavorful and unique desi sweets at home in no time.

Fix the smell

When milk is burnt, it can have a bad smell, but you can fix this by boiling the milk with 2-3 cardamom pods. This will make the milk taste better and also get rid of the smell and yellowish color.

Make new milk drinks

You can make new milk drinks with burnt milk by adding ingredients like dates syrup, jaggery, chocolate, turmeric or saffron. This will reduce the smoky and burnt taste of the milk and make it taste better.

Burning milk while boiling can be a common problem in the kitchen, but there are several ways to fix burnt milk and use it wisely. With these simple hacks, you can turn a kitchen mishap into a delicious and useful ingredient.

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