Calls for John Kerry to be investigated for what he told Iran

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is accused of telling Iran about Israeli operations and now there are calls for for him to be investigated, and resign, over what he allegedly told them.

 Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a leaked audiotape, claimed that whereas Kerry served as America’s high diplomat in the course of the Obama administration, he mentioned greater than 200 operations that Israel had carried out in Syria towards Iranian targets. He stated that he was astonished on the revelations.

This comes after Kerry’s conferences with Zarif, held as a non-public citizen after he left workplace, have additionally raised questions on what he has told Iranian officers over time.


Kerry at present serves because the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. It is a Cabinet-level publish within the Biden administration however was not topic to Senate affirmation. The new revelations about Iran have raised some concern within the Senate.

 “This is something that deserves a Senate investigation. If it indeed is proven to be accurate, then John Kerry should seriously consider resignation,” stated Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The first-term senator added Kerry has put “our men and women in uniform at risk.”

In an interview with Fox News Blackburn stated, “This is something that is serious. This is someone who has served our nation at very high levels, that had information, whether as a Senator or as Secretary of State and knew what was happening on the diplomatic and military front, to give that information to someone who is an adversary is something of tremendous concern to me.”

Others agree {that a} Senate probe of Kerry’s feedback is warranted.

 “If these egregious allegations are true, we believe Mr. Kerry should be fired,” says Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), the oldest pro-Israel group within the U.S. He added that there ought to be “an immediate and thorough investigation.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks at a press convention in Tehran, Iran, in August 2019. (AP)

Speaking for his nationwide membership of greater than 25,000, Klein acknowledged, “To give information as a spy for possibly the most loyal ally that America has, Israel, is not only an outrage to an ally but it sends a message to other allies that certainly, Mr. Kerry can never be trusted and maybe America can’t be trusted with important private confidential information.”

The Executive Director of Iranian Americans for Liberty, a New York-based activist group opposed to the Tehran regime, goes even additional.

“These allegations from Iran’s Foreign Minister, if true, are grounds for treason,” in accordance to the group’s government director, Bryan E. Leib.

“We would like to see a united front from the Democrats and Republicans who serve on the House Homeland Security Committee by immediately issuing a subpoena for John Kerry to appear in a public hearing before the Committee next week,” Leib told Fox News.

If the accusations towards Kerry should not true, Lieb added the one-time presidential nominee “should have nothing to worry about and should immediately comply with any subpoena requests  from the House Homeland Security Committee.”   

In a Twitter publish, Kerry referred to as the claims “unequivocally false.’


Kerry’s climate office is under the aegis State Department, which was asked about his alleged comments.

 “This definitely was not secret, and governments that have been concerned have been talking publicly, on the document,” says State Department Spokesman Ned Price. He declined to speculate on the tape’s authenticity or the reason for its release.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry says that the tape is genuine because it was part of a seven-hour interview Zarif gave to an Iranian think-tank.

Kerry has previously been accused of being too chummy with his former Iranian counterpart. The Obama administration’s former chief diplomat has freely admitted meeting and having conversations with Zarif “three or 4 instances” after leaving office, to discuss American and Iranian foreign policy.

In a 2018 interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, Kerry said that “my teaching [Zarif] wouldn’t, , that is not the way it works. What I’ve executed is tried to elicit from him what Iran would possibly be keen to do so as to change the dynamic within the Middle East for the higher.” 

Also in the interview, Kerry told Hewitt that he’s “been very blunt to Foreign Minister Zarif” and told him that Iran needs “to acknowledge that the world doesn’t respect what is going on with missiles, what is going on with Hezbollah, what is going on with Yemen.”

Former President Trump at the time accused Kerry of holding “illegal meetings with the very hostile Iranian Regime” and said that he should be prosecuted under the Logan Act, which prohibits non-public residents from trying to perform U.S. international coverage. Kerry responded by telling Trump “if you need to be taught one thing concerning the nuclear settlement that made the world safer, purchase my new e book, ‘Every Day is Extra’.”

The revelations come as the Biden administration is engaged in indirect negotiations in Vienna with Iran to potentially rejoin the controversial Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) more commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal. 


A group of high-level Israel officials, including Yossi Cohen, the director of Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, are also visiting Washington to lodge their objections to the administration’s plans for Iran.

Sen. Blackburn has introduced legislation to prevent the Biden administration from cementing a deal with Iran, unless the agreement is submitted to the Senate for a vote.

 “What worries me bit, is how these despotic regimes are emboldened to push again towards the United States,” said Blackburn. 

 “We want to ship a powerful message to our adversaries, and to this new axis of evil of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea that we’re going to push again on them and we won’t allow them to win,” she added. 

 Ben Evansky contributed to this report.

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