Can A Healthy Gut Reduce Symptoms Of Mental Health Issues?

Can A Healthy Gut Reduce Symptoms Of Mental Health Issues?

Stress can impact our digestive system and the only way to better our mental health is by eating healthy.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Published : February 16, 2023 9:32 PM IST

Stress changes a lot of things in our body; it changes us mentally as well as physically. When we are under extreme stress, all the energy is and important resources are directed to our muscles and brain. This is when our body produces cortisol and this has a major impact on the gut flora.

Additionally, our general mood may be impacted if there is dysbiosis in our gut micro biome. The gut bacterium has a major influence on stress and anxiety. A micro biome which is perfectly balanced can boost our resilience stress while an unbalanced one will not be able to do so that effectively. Therefore, experts draw the conclusion that an unbalanced micro biome can impact our mental state and mental health. Here, we will explain how and why the food that we eat can have an effect on our stress levels and also other mental health issues. Good and healthy food will keep our gut healthy and if our gut is healthy, we might experience less stress or anxiety, says experts.

Cardinal Rule For A Better Gut Health

The first step to better gut health is by switching unhealthy, fatty, high sugar foods with nutritious vegetables, fruits, proteins, etc. These dishes consist of digestive health can be enhanced and intestinal wall protection provided by foods like bone broth and salmon. The fiber in foods like broccoli, sprouts, oats, etc. promotes a healthy digestive system. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in salmon, flax seeds, etc. which may help reduce inflammation and enhance digestion.

A Healthy Gut Can Also Support A Healthy Mind

5 practices by which we can boost our gut health as well as our mental health.

Mindful Eating

The best way to support our gut health is by being cautious about what we eat. Experts say that our body should be in a rest and digest, parasympathetic mode to digest food properly. Our stomach will be able to digest food much faster when we are in a relaxed state. Stress will only make it worse. Stress hinders the production of necessary juices that helps the absorption of a meal.


Exercise makes our gut health ten times better than it might have been before. Exercise can have a positive impact on stress and that on the other hand has an impact on our digestion.

Probiotics And Prebiotics

You may take better care of your gut by increasing the amount of probiotics and prebiotic-rich foods in your diet. These meals may have an impact on the harmony of beneficial bacteria in your microbiome, also referred to as gut flora. Foods rich in prebiotics help feed your healthy gut bacteria, while probiotic foods can help your gut become more diverse.

Collagen Rich Foods

Foods high in collagen, such bone broth and salmon skin, may be good for intestinal health as well as general health. You can also try to increase your diet so that more collagen is produced by your body. Increase your intake of citrus fruits, broccoli, beef, eggs, and nuts to aid your body in producing collagen.

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