Can Blue Light Age Your Skin Faster? Here’s What Experts Say About It

In this day and age, we are constantly dependent on technology for every little task starting from getting our office work done to grocery shopping. There is hardly any scope to not use our phone or laptop because without them nations will stop functioning as well. We go on with our daily tasks knowing very well that so much tech-use is not good for our health. Luckily, some people are more disciplined than others. So, they make sure that on their off days and during holidays, they limit technology use. But then there are people who simply cannot live without technology, especially their tablets and mobile phones.

These are the people who should learn a little more about how exactly technology harms our health. Firstly, phones and laptops have blue lights emanating from them and this is the main culprit for everything. Blue light is bad for our eyes, for our sleep schedule and also for our skin. New research revealed that increased exposure may speed up ageing and its signs on the skin.

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is the visible light with is also a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Its wavelength is between 450-495 nanometers. Blue light is also present in the suns rays but it is not as harmful to the skin as UV rays from the sun. Blue lights from technology and gadgets however, can harm the skin and eyes.

How Does Blue Light Effects The Skin?

Research findings from the study:

  1. Blue light can increase the production of melanin in parts of the body that are exposed to it.
  2. Increased melanin will cause hyperpigmentation on the skin. Studies state that both UV rays and visible light can cause hyperpigmentation and in the case of visible lights, the wavelength is usually 400-700nm.
  3. Blue light exposure can lead to the degradation of collagen and skin elasticity, thereby speeding up the signs of ageing.
  4. Study also revealed that blue-violet light can cause more hyperpigmentation than compared to red light. Blue light may also induce redness and hyperpigmentation in Fitzpatrick skin type III and higher.

Are There Any Benefits?

There are some benefits to blue light exposure but it is only limited to some people:

  1. People suffering from eczema and psoriasis can benefit from it because it is also used medicinally to treat these conditions.
  2. Blue light is also used to treat other skin conditions like acne and pre-cancerous skin cells.
  3. This is done by oxidation and by destroying the pre-cancerous cells.

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