4 Signs That Stress Is Ruining Your Sleep Quality

4 Signs That Stress Is Ruining Your Sleep Quality

Good sleep is dependent on how relaxed our mind is. Stress is known to disrupt that and cause conditions like insomnia, parasomnia, disrupted sleep, etc.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Published : August 14, 2023 2:09 PM IST

There are a lot of factors that impact your sleep quality and one if the crucial one is stress. If you are unable to sleep at night or are waking up at odd timings, chances are that it is because something is bothering you and that is impacting your mental health and sleep. Multiple researches have been conducted in the link between stress and sleep and experts have found out that if stress is impacting your sleep, the signs will also show up when you sleep. Disturbed sleep, poor sleep and insomnia are some of the known effects but stress can also cause nightmares and parasomnia. Read on to find out the exact signs.

4 Ways Effect Of Stress Shows Up In Our Sleep


Insomnia is one of the major effects of stress. A research published in Cleveland Clinic says that stress can cause irritability and anxiety during bedtime and this can make it very difficult for people to fall asleep. At first, it may start with less sleep or poor sleep but prolonged impact of stress can lead to insomnia. The most recent study also found that there may be a link between insomnia and stroke.


There may be two factors effecting sleep and causing disruptions. One of the factors may be physical like, chronic pains or sleep apnea and the other may be non-physical or mental conditions like anxiety, stress and depression.

Our quality of sleep in dependent on the state of mind we are in. If we are stressed and anxious about something, we may get nightmares because of them. Nightmares are always vague and do not directly show our fear. However, our mental state is what induces those nightmares when our mind is the most vulnerable.


Experts say that, stress can also cause parasomnia in some people. Parasomnia is a condition in which people starts sleep walking and sleep talking and also sleep eating. When a person is doing these things, he or she is completely unconscious and may not remember anything the next day. However, in some circumstance it can be very dangerous, especially if he or she lives alone.

Lack Of Deep Sleep

When you’re under stress, you also don’t spend as much time in the deep sleep stage of rest. Staying in the lighter phases of sleep makes it more likely that you’ll wake up throughout the night. You’re also not getting the maximum restorative benefits that come with proper rest. “You’re just not getting the same quality of sleep.

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