Why age matters in deciding eligibility for LASIK surgery.?

The golden period to completely enjoy the perks of LASIK is between 20-25 yrs till 40-50 yrs.

Your age is an important criterion for deciding whether you’re eligible for LASIK surgery. An Eye Surgeon explains why.

LASIK eye surgery is a way to get rid of those glasses. But not all patients are eligible for this surgery. There are certain criteria based on which an ophthalmologist decides whether a patient is suitable for undergoing LASIK treatment, such as underlying health conditions (hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, autoimmune disorders), vision measurement, eye conditions that may interfere with the outcome of the surgery (keratoconus, ocular infections, ocular injuries, glaucoma, cataract, lid disorders). Age is also an important factor for deciding eligibility for LASIK surgery. Let’s talk about this age factor.

Why age is important criterion for deciding a patient’s eligibility for LASIK surgery? What is the ideal age and upper age limit for opting LASIK surgery? Dr. Priyanka Singh (MBBS, MS, DNB, FAICO), Consultant & Eye Surgeon, Neytra Eye Centre, New Delhi, explains it all here.

He says, “LASIK commonly referred to as Laser vision correction is a popular procedure amongst the younger generation. LASIK surgery is an outpatient procedure that will decrease your refractive power to zero whether it is Hypermetropia or Myopia or Astigmatism. It is a surgical procedure to reduce an individual dependency on spectacles or contact lenses. Most of the time it is done for cosmetic purposes but individuals who wish to join Law enforcement, military services and athletes also take benefits from it.”

Why age matters?

LASIK helps to remove the existing power of your eyes by cutting down extra thickness of cornea, imparting 6/6 vision.

  • Normal refractive power stabilizes anytime between 18-25 yrs which varies from person to person. So, LASIK should be done after refractive power stabilizes and remains constant for atleast 1 year. Otherwise the power may increase after getting the LASIK done.
  • As the age progresses and it hits 40’s to 50’s, near vision reduces and there are changes in near and sometimes far vision. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be considered as a good LASIK candidate though.
  • After 50-60 yrs, there are changes in our natural lens which lead to cataract eventually. There is no upper limit preventing elderly from having LASIK surgery. But there is no point cutting down cornea when simple cataract surgery can do both i.e. remove blurriness due to cataract and correct near or far power.

After spending money and time on LASIK, no one would like to wear glasses again. And this surgery is non-repeatable. Therefore, it is important for an individual to consider the above points before opting for LASIK surgery.

What are the other limitations to LASIK surgery?

There are some limitations to LASIK surgery like severe dry eyes, other eye diseases like Retinal or Glaucoma or any medical conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, etc. Therefore, it is imperative that thorough examination is done by your ophthalmologist before considering you fit for the surgery.

So, the golden period to completely enjoy the perks of LASIK is between 20-25 yrs till 40-50 yrs. If you are fit for LASIK, then don’t think and go ahead. Do not let your age limit you! Start your research if you’re interested in giving up your spectacles; it’s never too late to live a better life.

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