Can you spot Mount Everest in this photograph taken by a NASA astronaut from space?

Astronauts on board the International Space Station have recently been clicking beautiful sights from space, posing interesting questions to everyone on Earth. On Twitter, NASA’s Mark Vande Hei shared a magnificent snapshot of the Himalayas in one masterclass aerial photograph. Mount Everest is hidden within it, and the astronaut has asked people to look for it.

Mark tweeted the picture and wrote, “My New Year’s resolution is to get outside as much as possible. Well, after I land that is. Can you find Mt. Everest in this photo?”

With an elevation of 8,849 metres, Everest is the world’s highest peak. It’s probably simple to detect out along the surface from the ground. However, it’s not that easy to see from above. Here’s the answer to the puzzle.

Mark landed on the International Space Station in April 2021. He’ll return to Earth at the end of March, according to his schedule. There are plenty of wonderful possibilities to capture a decent image while the crew isn’t engaged with work depending on climate. This is due to the fact that the space station circles the Earth 16 times. However, this implies that finding fascinating elements can come and go rapidly. So much so that before he was launched off, former crewmate Thomas Pesquet wrote down the times so he could prepare for the optimal time to capture his shots.


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